Y98 Rocks Your Block

rocksyourblock2014 7 Y98 Rocks Your Block

The results are in and thanks to you, we have found the BEST street in St. Louis!

Now Y98 and Woodard are helping one the folks on Walsh Street in South St. Louis throw a summer block party!

Here’s what our winning listener wrote about her neighborhood:

Rocks Your Block 2014 winner

(To the tune of Katy Perry’s “California Girls”)

I know a place
Where the lawns are really greener
Friendly, and so fun
There must be something in the Ted Drewes…up the street!
Sippin’ drinks, on the porch
With the neighbors on Martini Mondays,
The boys and girls
are outside
Try’na to play a little hide and seek, or kick ball
Travel through St. Louis
Nothing comes close
To “Reindeer Road”
Bring us Better Than Ezra
We’ll bring Ted Drewes
6700 Walsh street neighbors
We’re not forgettable
Block parties
Christmas lights
We are so fun

Y98 and Woodard a bringing this neighborhood a block party they’ll never forget, which will include:

  • A live performance by Better Than Ezra
  • An appearance by members of the Phillips & Company Morning Show and members of the Y98 Pure Leaf Entourage
  • Food and drinks from Raising Canes
  • Cupcakes from The Cup
  • Entertainment from Abra-Kid-Abra

In addition to the block party, the winner will receive:

  • A $500 Woodard whole home cleaning gift card.

Be sure to read the Official Rocks Your Block Rules.

Thanks to everyone who submitted and voted in this contest!


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