Y98 LISTENERS: Our contest line has changed! Missouri – (314) 531-9898 | Illinois – (618) 397-9898
Phillips Phunny: SNL's "Weekend Update" SpecialJimmy Fallon, Seth Myers, and Tina Fey all made surprise appearances on "Saturday Night Live's" "Weekend Update" special.
Viral Video: Golf Beer Pong Trick ShotsThis female golfer's beer pong trick shots are UNREAL!
Viral Video: Lion Attack On Hippo BackfiresWatch a lion get owned by a hippo.
Viral Video: Most Basketball BouncesA guy sets a Guinness World Record for the MOST basketball bounces in a minute.
Phillips Phunny: Beer Body SurfHere's how you "beer body surf" on a golf course.
Phillips Phunny: Right Into The Pole!A guy breaks a light post because he wasn't paying attention where he was walking.
Viral Video: St. Louis Blues Surprise Lifelong FanThe St. Louis Blues surprised a lifelong fan yesterday by showing up at his work and putting more than a HUGE smile on his face.
Viral Video: Win A Chance To Go Wine Tasting With Jennifer LawrenceSomeone is going to win a chance to drink wine with Jennifer Lawrence!
Courtney's Canine Clips: Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose In Court To Find Real OwnerJudge Judy let a little dog loose in her courtroom to choose his REAL owner.
Viral Video: Confirmed! Daniel Craig Will Return As James BondOn "Colbert" last night, Daniel Craig CONFIRMED that he'll be back for the next James Bond movie.
Phillips Phunny: This Is Not A Parking Lot EntranceA woman mistakenly pulls her car into a stairwell, and gets out just before it rolls down and crashes.
Viral Video: Couple Escapes Driveway CarjackingA couple narrowly escaped a carjacking in their own driveway!

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