Viral Video: Teacher Proposes In Front Of ClassA teacher proposed to another teacher in front of her class.
Viral Video: McDonald's New Curved StrawMcDonald's had engineers invent a curved straw to use with their new Chocolate Shamrock Shake??!!
Phillips Phunny: Helicopter Lands To Ask DirectionsA helicopter pilot landed on a highway to ask for directions??!!
Phillips Phunny: "The House" Movie TrailerWill Ferrell and Amy Poehler are back together on the big screen with this casino comedy.
Viral Video: Weird Al's "Pac-Man"Check Out an UNRELEASED Weird Al Beatles parody about Pac-Man.
Viral Video: Regis Philbin Opens Up About Kelly RipaRegis says Kelly hasn't invited him back to "Live!" since he left??!!
Viral Video: Every Best Animated Feature EverCheck out a SUPERCUT of every Best Animated Feature Oscar winner.
Viral Video: Drive-Thru Truck FireA truck caught fire in a drive-thru.
Phillips Phunny: "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" Washing Machine CoverWhen your washing machine starts to knock, have it help you cover a Charlie Daniels' classic!
Phillips Phunny: Chris Farley On "Roseanne"Did you know that Chris Farley once did a guest appearance on "Roseanne"?
Viral Video: Harry Potter Being Said In "Harry Potter"Here's a montage of every time Harry Potter is mention in the "Harry Potter" movies.
Viral Video: Runner Tripped Up By Pole-VaulterA runner got tripped up by an elastic strap from a failed pole-vaulting attempt.

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