Viral Video: "Justice League: Unite The League" Teaser TrailersCheck out Batman, Aquaman, and The Flash in several new "Justice League" teasers.
Viral Video: A Fictive Flight Above Real MarsCheck out some of the BEST footage of MARS you'll ever see.
Viral Video: Four-Year-Old Uses Siri To Save Mother's LifeA tech-savvy four-year-old was able to use Siri to help save his mom's life!
Phillips Phunny: Nitrous Powered ChairEnjoy a spinning office chair that is powered by two NITROUS tanks.
Viral Video: Massive Explosion At Arms DepotAn arms depot in Ukraine caught fire, and it set off a TON of missiles.
PAUL'S PEOPLE: "Would You Rather" at Tech ArtistaMind, blown! We went looking for interesting people to ask our ridiculous "Would you rather..." scenarios. What we discovered was so much more! It's called TECH ARTISTA, a truly visionary business/community.
Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Ross - The Joy Of Dog PaintingIn honor of today's National Puppy Day, we proudly give you some puppy paintings from DOG Ross!
Viral Video: Red Nose Day "Love Actually" New Teaser TrailerHere's another preview for the "Love Actually" Red Nose Day reunion with just about EVERYBODY from the cast.
Phillips Phunny: Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Answer Your Web Questions About ThemRyan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhall did a funny video where they answer the most-Googled questions about themselves.
Viral Video: Netflix's "Mystery Science Theater 3000" New Season TrailerCheck out a trailer for the new Netflix version of "Mystery Science Theater 3000".
Phillips Phunny: "Price Is Right" FallA lady fell down while spinning the Big Wheel on "The Price is Right" yesterday.
Phillips Phunny: Iguana Interrupts Tennis MatchAn IGUANA interrupted a tennis match, so a player decided to take a selfie.

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