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Viral Video: "I, Tonya" Movie Teaser TrailerCheck out the first teaser trailer for "I, Tonya", starring Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding.
Viral Video: Car Appears Out Of Nowhere To Cause CrashAn "invisible" car causes a crash.
Phillips Phunny: Woman Sprays Department Store Perfume Up Her DressWatch a bizarre moment of a woman spraying perfume up her dress in a department store.
Viral Video: Nancy Cartwright And Her 7 "Simpsons'" CharactersWatch voice actress Nancy Cartwright run through all seven of her "Simpsons" characters.
Viral Video: Melania Trump's Body DoubleIs Melania Trump REALLY using a body double?
Viral Video: 21 Seasons Of Joe Buck's Fox PromosSomeone on YouTube took time out of his life to cut together 21 years' worth of Joe Buck reading Fox TV promos during baseball broadcasts??!!
Viral Video: Dying Chimp Hugs CaretakerA dying chimp hugs the man who once cared for her.
Viral Video: Very Low Fly-ByA pilot does a low fly-by with 200 passengers on board??!!
Viral Video: Principal Stalked By CougarIs this principal being stalked by a COUGAR outside his office window?
Viral Video: "Star Wars" AT-AT Walker Halloween DisplayA guy in Ohio built a two-story AT-AT from "Star Wars" as part of his Halloween display!
Viral Video: Trapped In Apartment During EarthquakeWatch two people trapped in their apartment during the earthquake in Mexico.
Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Mistakes Man For Fire HydrantWatch a dog mistake a man for a fire hydrant!

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