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Phillips Phunny: "America's Got Talent" Singing TrumpThe SINGING TRUMP made "America's Got Talent" great again last night.
Phillips Phunny: Gollum Reads Trumps' TweetsStephen Colbert had GOLLUM read Trump's tweets!
Phillips Phunny: Melania Avoids Donald's Hand... AgainWhat's the deal with Melania Trump NOT wanting to hold her husband's hand??!!
Phillips Phunny: Trump's New Lawyers: Galino & FarnesStephen Colbert played a fake lawyer commercial last night to make fun of Donald Trump's problems with the Russia investigations.
Viral Video: Johnny Depp Talks Playing TrumpJohnny Depp showed off his Donald Trump impression on "Ellen" yesterday.
Phillips Phunny: Alec Baldwin Teaches Kid How To Impersonate TrumpHere's Alec Baldwin teaching a young kid how to do President Trump!
Phillips Phunny: "The Daily Show" Parodies BBC Interview Interrupted With Trump, Spicer, Carson, And Conway"The Daily Show" took on the BBC interview where the guy gets interrupted by his kids... By having him as Sean Spicer getting interrupted by President Trump and Ben Carson??!!
TV Stars Whose Ratings Have Soared Due To President TrumpA report says that the EIGHT beneficiaries of President Trump being a "ratings machine" include...
Phillips Phunny: Cyprus Air Trump Impersonator Super Bowl CommercialThis Super Bowl commercial for a Virginia heating and cooling company may have one of the BEST Donald Trump impersonations yet.
TrumpSingles.comYes, there's a dating site for Trump fans.
Viral Video: President-Elect Trump Addresses The PressPresident-Elect Donald Trump finally held his first press conference since winning the Presidency yesterday.
Viral Video: 1958's "Trackdown" Features "Trump"A 1958 TV show called "Trackdown" had an episode about a con man named Trump who tried to convince a town that the world was ending, and he wanted to save them by building a WALL??!!

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