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Photo: Amy Schumer Spotted On "Judge Judy"Is that really Amy Schumer on "Judge Judy"??!!
Photo: The Jorts-Wearing BanditOur local police are asking for your help in finding a "Jorts-Wearing Bandit".
Photo: Lost Ring Found On Garden CarrotA woman lost her engagement ring but found it 13 years later on one of her garden's CARROTS.
Photo: Trucker Gets Hilarious TattooA truck driver in England recently got a tattoo on his chest and neck that makes it look like a tiny person is driving his body!
Photo: Woman Finds Dead Mouse In SandwichA woman found a DEAD MOUSE baked into her restaurant sandwich??!!
Photo: 94-Year-Old Puts Pool In His Backyard For Neighborhood KidsA 94-Year-Old put a pool in his backyard for all his neighborhood kids to use.
Photo: Taco Bell's "Naked Egg" Breakfast TacoTaco Bell is rolling out their new "Naked Egg" breakfast taco nationwide this month.
Photo: Man Fits Through BarstoolAn old man crawls between the side pegs of a barstool to win a bet!
Photo: Donald Trump's Childhood HomeWould you rent the house where President Trump was conceived for $750 a night?
Photo: Taco Bell's Firecracker BurritoTaco Bell is adding spicy Pop Rocks to their burritos??!!
Photo: Ice Cream Thermos HackThe Internet is freaking out after some guy realized a pint of ice cream fits perfectly in his thermos.
Photo: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes Are Coming To Grocery StoresStarbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes are coming to grocery stores later this month.

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