Phillips Phunny

Phillips Phunny: Hillary Clinton On SNLHillary Clinton did a cameo on the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live".
Phillips Phunny: Awkward SportsCenter CutawayESPN accidentally cut away from an emotional victory speech and showed their anchors messing with iPads.
Phillips Phunny: Reasoning With A BearA woman tries to reason with a BEAR that's destroying her kayak??!!
Phillips Phunny: If Edward Snowden Was Edward Scissorhands...A guy did an interview about Edward Snowden but talked about Edward Scissorhands, and NO ONE NOTICED!
Phillips Phunny: Chewbacca Toilet PaperHere's a toilet paper dispenser that sort of sounds like Chewbacca.
Phillips Phunny: Homecoming - 80's StyleTwo guys made a cheesy 80's video to ask their dates to homecoming.
Phillips Phunny: "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" Gag ReelWatch the cast make some fun mistakes in this gag reel for Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron".
Phillips Phunny: Evil Drug Company CEOHere's that EVIL drug company CEO edited so it sounds like he's planning a deadly master plot.
Phillips Phunny: Milkshake SquirrelYesterday, there was "Pizza Rat... Today, there's "Milkshake Squirrel"!
Phillips Phunny: Real Life Emoji KeyboardA guy built an Emoji keyboard with 1,000 different keys!
Phillips Phunny: Taiwanese Animators: The Republican DebateThe Taiwanese animators did a CRAZY video for last week's Republican Debate.
Phillips Phunny: Rocksy RaccoonCheck out a raccoon who knocks on a glass door with a ROCK in the hopes of getting food.