Phillips Phunny

Phillips Phunny: Kids Use Walkman For First TimeTwo kids try to load a cassette into a Walkman for the first time.
Phillips Phunny: "I Need A Date For Taylor Swift"A guy made a pretty funny video about how he needs someone to go to a Taylor Swift show with him.
Phillips Phunny: Toddler Sings "Imperial March"A toddler sings the "Imperial March" from "Star Wars" in her crib.
Phillips Phunny: Vacation In Selfie ModeA guy accidentally recorded his entire vacation in selfie mode on his GoPro.
Phillips Phunny: Sister Tries To Sell BrotherA little girl wants to sell her brother for $54??!!
Phillips Phunny: SNL's "Scalp Team 6"Enjoy a skit from "Saturday Night Live" that makes fun of Donald Trump's hair, but DIDN'T air!
Phillips Phunny: "30 For 30: Rocky 4"Enjoy a fake "30 for 30" documentary about "Rocky 4".
Phillips Phunny: Boy Can't Decide About TimeoutA two-year-old can't decide if he wants a timeout.
Phillips Phunny: Sir David Attenborough Narrates Adele's "Hello"Famed British narrator Sir David Attenborough turned Adele’s “Hello” into a nature documentary.
Phillips Phunny: Jimmy Kimmel's "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2015 "Jimmy Kimmel did the bit again where he had parents tell their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy.
Phillips Phunny: Shoplifter Runs Into Glass DoorA shoplifter ran into a glass door trying to get away.
Phillips Phunny: Reverse Trick-Or-TreatingWatch as some guys GIVE OUT candy as they go door-to-door.
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