Phillips Phunny

Phillips Phunny: Alicia Keys REALLY Wants ReformAlicia Keys made a video trying to convince House Speaker Paul Ryan to help reform the criminal justice system by promising him...
Phillips Phunny: Reese's Peanut Butter Cup SurgeryA guy performs surgery on a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup??!!
Phillips Phunny: Girls Short Shorts Causes AccidentA girl in short shorts causes a three-car fender bender.
Phillips Phunny: Sticker Kid Goes Viral"Sticker Kid" went viral after Hillary Clinton's Iowa caucus speech.
Phillips Phunny: Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL 2016The Bad Lip Reading guys just posted their newest NFL video.
Phillips Phunny: Fish SmackedDid a fish really jump out of the water and hit a girl in the face?
Phillips Phunny: Key & Peele's Super Bowl CommentaryKey & Peele will do live commentary during the Super Bowl for!
Phillips Phunny: Bro Caught Trying To Take Perfect SelfieA "bro" tries really hard to look cool for a selfie and gets caught on camera.
Phillips Phunny: Trump Versus TrumpDonald Trump has flip-flopped so many times on the issues that Stephen Colbert actually hosted a "Trump Versus Trump" debate.
Phillips Phunny: Super Bowl Grounds Crew Endzone Oops!The Super Bowl grounds crew accidentally painted BOTH endzones for the Broncos?
Phillips Phunny: Goat Makes Weirdest NoisesAnother SCREAMING GOAT VIDEO is going viral.
Phillips Phunny: Little Girl Cries Over TrumpA little girl cries with happiness when she learns she's going to a Donald Trump rally??!!

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