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Phillips Phunny: Fantasy Football News: Steve SucksA guy made a fake news report video to rip on his fantasy football opponent.
Phillips Phunny: "Helmer Zone" CommercialEnjoy a politician's "Top Gun" inspired campaign commercial.
Phillips Phunny: Duped Into Saying Fake NamesWatch some commentators get duped into saying risqué FAKE names.
Phillips Phunny: Baby Mask ReactionA mom wearing a mud mask scares her baby.
Phillips Phunny: Jennifer Garner Cries Over "Hamilton" While On AnesthesiaWatch Jennifer Garner, hopped up on anesthesia after the dentist, crying about the musical "Hamilton".
Phillips Phunny: Lethal Bizzle Teaches Dame Judy Dench How To RapWatch Dame Judy Dench learn how to RAP.
Phillips Phunny: iPhone X Face ID FailThe NEWEST iPhone unlocks by recognizing your face, but it FAILED during Apple's big onstage demo!
Phillips Phunny: BBC Anchor Gets Lost On CameraA BBC anchor can't figure out where to go on his own set!
Phillips Phunny: Ray Liotta As Colonel SandersEveryone else has done it, so why can't RAY LIOTTA take a turn as Colonel Sanders?
Phillips Phunny: Weatherman Breaks Wind Live On AirWatch a weatherman pass gas on LIVE TV.
Phillips Phunny: Beekeeper Drops Trousers To Sit On Bee SwarmWatch a beekeeper sit on a colony of bees to win a bet!
Phillips Phunny: Drone Funny Footage FailA woman posing for an overhead drone video falls into a fountain.

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