Phillips Phunny: "Pokémon Go" Personal Injury LawyerEnjoy this fake commercial for a "Pokemon Go" injury lawyer.
Phillips Phunny: Stuck In A TreeA woman got stuck in a tree, and a guy had to chop her out!
Phillips Phunny: John Kerry Walks Into A DoorWatch our Secretary of State make the same mistake most of us have made when it comes to doors.
Phillips Phunny: Koala PoledancerWatch a koala climb a STRIPPER POLE.
Phillips Phunny: Vendor Gets Hit On The BacksideWatch a vendor take a foul ball to the rear.
Phillips Phunny: The Simpsons: Pokemon NowEnjoy as even Homer Simpson plays "Pokemon Go".
Phillips Phunny: Bride Falls Off Bike, Groom Continues To Ride Off Without HerA new bride fell off a scooter, and her husband just kept driving.
Phillips Phunny: Lizard Jumps On NewscasterA reporter FREAKS OUT when a lizard jumps on him!
Phillips Phunny: The Stiffys - The Pokémon Go SongA band in Australia released a song about Pokemon Go, where a woman plays too much and...
Phillips Phunny: The Holderness Family - Pokémon InvasionThe Holderness Family from YouTube has a new parody of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" about Pokémon Go.
Phillips Phunny: Vulgar Display Of HorsepowerHere's a video that looks like a horse is headbanging to heavy metal.
Phillips Phunny: "Ghostbusters" Deleted Scene With 'Carl' From "Caddyshack"Here's a little-known fact about "Ghostbusters", Bill Murray's character 'Carl' from "Caddyshack" was supposed to be in the movie, but the scene got cut.

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