Phillips Phunny: Weather FlatulenceA weatherman got FIRED for adding "comedy fart noises" to his report.
Phillips Phunny: "Price Is Right" Sick Kid Shout-OutA "Price Is Right" contestant gave a shout-out to "All the SICK kids watching" and won over $30,000!
Phillips Phunny: Kanye Interrupts Friend's Wedding SpeechKanye West interrupts a friend's wedding speech with his famous "Imma let you finish..." line.
Phillips Phunny: Man Boobs Breast ExamEnjoy a breast exam video that uses a chubby guy instead of a woman.
Phillips Phunny: Woman Strips After Car ChaseA woman tried to hit her parents with a car, got in a police chase, then got NAKED??!!
Phillips Phunny: Bernie & Hillary - A Bad Lip ReadingEnjoy a "Bad Lip Reading" of the last Clinton-Sanders debate.
Phillips Phunny: Calling In Sick To Places You Don't WorkA guy called in sick to a place he doesn't even WORK??!!
Phillips Phunny: Wandering Into The ShotA Miami Heat player wandered into a live shot while texting.
Phillips Phunny: Impersonating Owen WilsonCheck out a really good impression of actor Owen Wilson.
Phillips Phunny: Atlanta Hawks Mascot FailThe Atlanta Hawks mascot has a very unfortunate accident.
Phillips Phunny: Tough Day For The Ball BoyA ball boy at a tennis match ran straight into a wall!
Phillips Phunny: Stadium Sprinklers Ruin Movie NightAn NFL stadium held a movie night, but FORGOT to turn off the sprinklers??!!

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