Phillips Phunny: Helicopter Lands To Ask DirectionsA helicopter pilot landed on a highway to ask for directions??!!
Phillips Phunny: "The House" Movie TrailerWill Ferrell and Amy Poehler are back together on the big screen with this casino comedy.
Phillips Phunny: "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" Washing Machine CoverWhen your washing machine starts to knock, have it help you cover a Charlie Daniels' classic!
Phillips Phunny: Chris Farley On "Roseanne"Did you know that Chris Farley once did a guest appearance on "Roseanne"?
Phillips Phunny: Team Thor Promo ClipIn a new "web series", Chris Hemsworth plays Thor who moves to Australia and takes on a roommate.
Phillips Phunny: Who's The Baby Daddy: Jimmy Kimmel Or Matt Damon?Could Jimmy Kimmel's wife's "Baby Daddy" really be Matt Damon??!!
Phillips Phunny: Trump's Tweets As Emo SongHere's an "emotional hardcore" song using Donald Trump's TWEETS as lyrics.
Phillips Phunny: Melissa McCarthy Returns As Sean Spicer To SNLThis weekend's "Saturday Night Live" opened with Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) with help from Jeff Sessions (Kate McKinnon) taking questions from the press.
Phillips Phunny: Will Arnett: Lego Batman Toy Shop PrankWill Arnett pranked a toy store in his voice as Lego Batman.
Phillips Phunny: Stoner Bigfoot Crashes News ReportA STONER version of Bigfoot crashed a news report.
Phillips Phunny: Don't Even Think About Rounding Up Her AgeEnjoy a tornado survivor who DIDN'T like being called "almost 80".
Phillips Phunny: "Fifty Shades" Of Furniture AssemblyWatch "Fifty Shades of Grey" stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson try to make furniture directions sound sexy.

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