Phillips Phunny: The Perfect BurpA voiceover artist demonstrates some impressive FAKE burping skills.
Phillips Phunny: Terrible Water Bottle Talent Show TrickA kid did a LAME water bottle trick for his high school talent show.
Phillips Phunny: Celebrities Falling Down SupercutThis compilation of celebrities falling down might just make your day.
Phillips Phunny: Napping In TrafficA guy took a NAP in traffic while his Tesla drove on autopilot??!!
Phillips Phunny: SNL's "Expedition"If you missed it over the weekend, SNL spoofed Lewis and Clark's expedition.
Phillips Phunny: Sportscaster Is Not Having ItA sports anchor got angry when another anchor STOLE his story.
Phillips Phunny: Bryan Cranston's "Super Sweet 60"Jimmy Kimmel has a great parody of "My Super Sweet 16" with Bryan Cranston and his "Super Sweet" 60th birthday.
Phillips Phunny: Weatherman Screams At Spider On CameraA weatherman screamed when he saw a spider.
Phillips Phunny: The Off-Key National AnthemA pianist plays along to an OFF-KEY National Anthem from a recent Trump rally.
Phillips Phunny: Matthew McConaughey's Weird NoisesCheck Out the weird noises Matthew McConaughey makes in his movies.
Phillips Phunny: Going Medieval On A DroneSomeone at a Renaissance fair took out a drone with a SPEAR!
Phillips Phunny: Reporter Takes Hockey Loss HardA reporter told kids to "give up on their dreams" after the Capitals were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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