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Phillips Phunny: Little Girl Wants To ChillA little girl just wants some time to CHILL.
Phillips Phunny: Red Hot Chili Peppers Using Actual Red Hot Chili PepperHere's the Red Hot Chili Peppers played with a RED HOT CHILI PEPPER!
Phillips Phunny: Melania Avoids Donald's Hand... AgainWhat's the deal with Melania Trump NOT wanting to hold her husband's hand??!!
Phillips Phunny: Trump's New Lawyers: Galino & FarnesStephen Colbert played a fake lawyer commercial last night to make fun of Donald Trump's problems with the Russia investigations.
Phillips Phunny: Cyclist Needs A BathroomA cyclist STOPPED during because he really needed to use the bathroom!
Phillips Phunny: Melania Slaps Away Donald Trump's HandDid Melania Trump really swat Donald's hand away in Israel?
Phillips Phunny: Bad Driver Wrecks Sports CarA guy tries to show off his fancy sports car and CRASHES it.
Phillips Phunny: Not Impressed With Snow WhiteA little girl is NOT impressed with Snow White.
Phillips Phunny: SNL - Dwayne Johnson's Five-Timers MonologueDwayne "The Rock" Johnson made his "Presidential bid announcement" during his monologue on the season finale of "Saturday Night Live".
Phillips Phunny: Bill Pullman's "Independence Day" Graduation SpeechBill Pullman borrows from his "Independence Day" character during a graduation speech at Warren Wilson College.
Phillips Phunny: Scottsdale Dancing ManA guy starts DANCING after realizing he's on TV.
Phillips Phunny: Hillary Clinton Ducks Donald TrumpHere's video of Hillary Clinton practicing how to duck a hug from Donald Trump??!!

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