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Phillips Phunny: Despacito Snoring RemixA woman recorded her husband SNORING for four years, and this is what she made...
Phillips Phunny: Diners Continue To Eat Despite FloodDiners at a restaurant in China calmly eat as flood waters rise around them!
Phillips Phunny: "America's Got Talent" Singing TrumpThe SINGING TRUMP made "America's Got Talent" great again last night.
Phillips Phunny: Star Wars But Every Lightsaber Sound Replaced With Owen Wilson Saying WowCheck out video of a "Star Wars" lightsaber battle, where the sound of the lightsabers connecting is replaced by Owen Wilson saying "Wow".
Phillips Phunny: Justin Timberlake Goes "Lion King" On Random BabyWatch Justin Timberlake play "Lion King" with somebody's baby at a golf tournament.
Phillips Phunny: Drake's Virginia Black Whiskey Commercial Dos Equis DissDrake, and his DAD, spoof the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials for Virginia Black Whiskey.
Phillips Phunny: Cringey GruntingSomeone added realistic sound effects to a workout video to hilarious results.
Phillips Phunny: Gollum Reads Trumps' TweetsStephen Colbert had GOLLUM read Trump's tweets!
Phillips Phunny: Workout Video Photobomb FailA guy FAILS miserably trying to photobomb his wife's workout video.
Phillips Phunny: Grandma Flashes Dodger Stadium CrowdA grandma FLASHED the crowd at a Dodgers game over the weekend.
Phillips Phunny: News Crew Enjoys DIY JokeA news crew loses it over a "do it yourself" joke.
Phillips Phunny: Pro Golfer's Mom Wades Into Water Hazard To Retrieve His Broken PutterWatch a pro golfer's MOM get a little wet trying to retrieve her son's broken putter at the French Open.

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