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Our Listeners Shared Some Amazing Photos of Today's EclipseThat's why we love our listeners!
Viral Video: Perfect Waterslide LandingSome guy does a PERFECT water slide landing.
Phillips Phunny: Falling Short Of The Perfect CrimeWatch a shoplifter FACEPLANT while trying to steal a shopping cart full of items from a Walmart.
Finding The Perfect Shade Of LipstickIs this really the TRICK to finding the PEREFECT shade of lipstick?
Steps For The Perfect NapHere are the steps to a perfect nap.
Viral Video: Fastest Bowled Perfect GameWatch a PERFECT bowling game bowled in only 87 seconds!
The Formula For The Perfect Online Dating Profile PictureA new study found the best type of photo to post when you're dating online.
How To Build The Perfect BurgerHere's how you supposedly build the PERFECT burger.
Viral Video: Perfect Pitch: Trying To Stump The World's Greatest EarA kid with perfect pitch shows off his skills.
Phillips Phunny: The Perfect BurpA voiceover artist demonstrates some impressive FAKE burping skills.
The Six Steps For The Perfect ApologyResearchers have found the six steps for the perfect apology.
Modern R&B Songs That Are Perfect For Your First DanceA list of modern R&B songs that are "perfect" for your 'First Dance' includes...

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