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Photo: Two-Year-Old Girl Looks Just Like Ed SheeranEd Sheeran has an exact double, but it's a TWO-YEAR-OLD GIRL!!!
Photo: Michael Stipe Looks Just Like David LettermanIt is now officially difficult to tell David Letterman and Michael Stipe apart.
Photo: Drew Barrymore's Daughter Looks Just Like Her Mom As A ChildCheck out how much Drew Barrymore's daughter Frankie looks like her mom when she starred in "E.T."
Photo: What $20 Million Hidden In A Mattress Looks LikeHere's what hiding $20 MILLION in your mattress looks like.
Photo: 1961 Groom Looks Like Matt DamonA groom from a 1961 wedding photo bares a striking resemblance to Matt Damon!
Photo: Olympic Archer Looks Like Leonardo DiCaprioThe U.S. archery team has a sort-of Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike.
Photo: Bathroom Tile Looks Like Donald TrumpDoes this bathroom tile REALLY look like Donald Trump??!!
Photo: Fan Looks Just like Ed SheeranThis fan of Ed Sheeran look just like him!
Phillips Phunny: Opponent Looks Like Matt DamonA guy interrupted a debate to call out that his opponent looked like MATT DAMON??!!
Who Looks Younger With Gray HairA new survey between men and women found WHO looks younger with gray hair.
Viral Video: Homemade Digital Clock Looked Like BombA 14-year-old in Texas brought a homemade digital clock to school and was ARRESTED because it looked like a bomb!
Colleges Ranked By Looks And PartyingOK Cupid took a list of America's top colleges and did their OWN ranking.

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