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MLB Ballparks Where You Are Most Likely To Get Food PosioningAccording to a new study, the food at these MLB stadiums are more likely to give you FOOD POISONING.
The Spots On Your Face You're Most Likely To Miss With SunblockA new study found the average person misses about 10% of their face when they put sunblock on.
When Your Significant Other Is Most Likely To Contact Their MistressYour significant other is most likely to CONTACT their mistress at...
Cars You Are Most Likely To Buy New Then Re-SellThe cars you're most likely to buy new and re-sell in the first year are...
The States Where People Are Most Likely To Live In Their Entire LivesWhat states are people MOST likely to live in for their entire lives?
When You Are Most Likely To Cheat On A DietHere are the times during the day when you're most likely to cheat on your diet.
Minor Crimes People Are Most Likely To CommitThe minor crimes we're most likely to commit are...
Careers Where People Are Most Likely To Have AffairsThe top careers where people are most likely to have AFFAIRS are...
Fake Sick Day Excuses Your Boss Is Most Likely To BelieveA new survey asked bosses which sick day excuses they're most likely to believe.
What Profession Is More Likely To Cheat On You?People is this profession are more likely to cheat on you than any other job.
Things You Do Around The House That Are Most Likely To Destroy Your RelationshipA new survey found the things you do around the house that are most likely to cause major arguments.
The Shows You're Most Likely To Binge-WatchNetflix did a study to figure out which types of shows were most likely to be binge-watched.

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