Why You Prefer Pepsi In Taste Tests But Like Coke Better OverallHere's why people prefer Pepsi in TASTE TESTS but like Coke BETTER OVERALL.
Photo: Two-Year-Old Girl Looks Just Like Ed SheeranEd Sheeran has an exact double, but it's a TWO-YEAR-OLD GIRL!!!
Photo: Drew Barrymore's Daughter Looks Just Like Her Mom As A ChildCheck out how much Drew Barrymore's daughter Frankie looks like her mom when she starred in "E.T."
The Companies We Like MostThe companies we like MOST include...
Celebrities We'd Most Like To Travel WithA survey asked people which male and female celebrities they'd most like to travel with.
How To Make Kids Like Their VegetablesIf your kids HATE a certain vegetable, make them...
Photo: What $20 Million Hidden In A Mattress Looks LikeHere's what hiding $20 MILLION in your mattress looks like.
Phillips Phunny: Tortoise Sounds Like Old ManEnjoy a mating tortoise that sounds like an old man.
Phillips Phunny: Ordinary Things That Sound Like ChewbaccaWho knew that Chewbacca sounds like some everyday objects??!!
I “LIKE” You, ReallyWant to make somebody’s day? “Like” them and add a comment on their Facebook page. Research says it's that simple.
Photo: 1961 Groom Looks Like Matt DamonA groom from a 1961 wedding photo bares a striking resemblance to Matt Damon!
Krispy Kreme's "Talk Like A Pirate Day" PromotionGet a FREE donut today at Krispy Kreme for talking like a pirate.

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