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Viral Video: Woman With The Longest LegsMeet the Russian model with the world's LONGEST LEGS!
Phillips Phunny: Basketballer Runs Through Defender's LegsA 5-foot-9 basketball player ran through a defender's legs!
Viral Video: Crushing Watermelons Between LegsWatch a guy crush a watermelon with his THIGHS!
Viral Video: "No Arms, No Legs, No Worries"This guy enjoys every minute of his life, even though he was born without arms or legs.
Viral Video: Bear Walks On Two Legs Down The StreetA bear walked on two legs down a New Jersey street!
Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Walks On Hind Legs To Protest HaircutA dog reacted to a haircut by walking on its hind legs... For TWO DAYS??!!
Photos: Hot Dogs Or Legs?So, is it a picture of a hot dog or just someone's legs?
Nike Squeezes "Swoosh" Onto Artificial Legs Of Double Amputee OlympianIs there ANYTHING that Nike won't put their SWOOSH on?

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