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How To Photograph Monday's EclipseHere's how to take pictures of Monday's eclipse with your phone.
The "Ideal" DayHere are the times to wake up, eat breakfast, have a drink, and do other things for an IDEAL day.
How Long You Should Dunk An OreoThe optimum amount of time to DUNK an Oreo is...
Phillips Phunny: How Did They All Fit In That Hatchback?Watch how many people jump out of this car after an accident.
How Much Time We Waste At WorkYou waste a FULL workday a week slacking off at work??!!
How Much Time We Waste Looking For ParkingWhen looking for parking, you WASTE...
Viral Video: How To Ruin Your Wedding In Under A MinuteHere's why you SHOULD'T take a wedding photo on a beach.
How Much Each State Spends On A Wedding GiftHere's how much people spend on a wedding gift in each state.
How Bad Is Your Hoarding?How does your HOARDING compare to other people?
How To Make Kids Eat More VegetablesHere's a simple trick to make your kids eat MORE vegetables.
How To Make Your Phone Less AddictiveHere's the EASIEST way to make your phone less addictive.
How Do You Eat Certain Foods?Do you eat certain foods in strange ways?

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