Viral Video: "Girl" Vs. "Woman" - Why Language MattersMayim Bialik uses SCIENCE to show that WOMEN should be referred to as "WOMEN".
Phillips Phunny: Little Girl Takes Pope's HatA little girl tried to STEAL the Pope's hat??!!
Photo: Two-Year-Old Girl Looks Just Like Ed SheeranEd Sheeran has an exact double, but it's a TWO-YEAR-OLD GIRL!!!
Viral Video: Little Girl Almost Blown Away Opening DoorA four-year-old girl tries to open a door in the wind.
Phillips Phunny: Little Girl Gets Scared Of Own ShadowWatch a little girl get scared by her own shadow.
What Should You Name Your Baby to Become a Future Millionaire?Some parents-to-be have no problem picking out a name for their unborn baby and some struggle.
6 Things Maternity Leave Definitely Isn’tThe good, bad, and ugly.
Phillips Phunny: Weather Girl Can't Stop Laughing About Adam DriverA weather girl can't stop laughing over her comment about Adam Driver.
Viral Video: Girl Plays On Thin Ice And Pays The PriceA girl falls through thin ice, and her friend just laughs??!!
Phillips Phunny: Chris Martin Brings Up Wrong Girl During ProposalWatch Chris Martin make a mistake by bringing up the WRONG girl to help a fan propose on stage.
Phillips Phunny: Snacks Make Little Girl HappyHere's how to make a little girl happy.
Viral Video: Little Girl Befriends Elderly Widower At Grocery StoreA little girl refuses to let an elderly widower be lonely.

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