Rescue Me: Stray Rescue ProgramsStray Rescue brings the community together through compassion, selflessness, and education.
Rescue Me: Akoya — Service DogAkoya came to Stray Rescue in August of 2014.
Volunteer and Foster OpportunitiesAt Stray Rescue, we're always looking for dedicated volunteers and foster families!
Humanity Needs To Step It Up: Yesterday's Rescue Of Some Lost SoulsPlease take some time to read this very emotional, educational, and inspiring blog from the founder of Stray Rescue, Randy Grim.
Rescue Me: Central Conversations: Pet AdvocacyJoin the Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center for “Central Conversations: Pet Advocacy”.
Rescue Me: Fix Your PetThe canine overpopulation issue is no secret.
Rescue Me: Dog Sociability LevelsIt’s normal for varying levels of dog sociability to exist in any dog breed.
Rescue Me: The Fallacy of “Raised Right”We try our best to be a rescue that promotes honesty and integrity, so hear us out on this.
Rescue Me: Keep Your Dog FitDid you know over 1/3 of dogs are overweight?
Rescue Me: The Debate of the Bait DogWe know this may be a little controversial, and we apologize for any bubbles we’re about to burst.
Rescue Me: Lucy’s StoryIn the fall of 2013 we noticed a scared dog roaming around the woods in our neighborhood.
Rescue Me: Picking The Best Match For Your Current PetsWHY TO PICK A PIT!

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