Looking For Work? Area Businesses Hiring!

Know someone looking for work? There are, at least, a few area corporations looking to fill positions.


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The Most And Least Compatible Dating Matches For Careers

eHarmony just released the results of a study on which careers have the highest and lowest dating compatibility.


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Best, Worst And Most Stressful Jobs is out with their list of the best, worst and most stressful jobs of 2012.


The Month You’re Born Makes A Huge Impact On Your Future Career

A study found that the MONTH when someone is born makes a big impact on their future working career.


FIVE THINGS: 5 Careers You May Not Have Known Existed

In your next career, you could be a FUTURIST. How appropriate.  Maybe you’ll be a CYBRARIAN…because, you are, after all, online reading this right now.


FIVE THINGS: 5 Job Interview Tips

Just getting an interview is pretty nice in this economy. But then what? You cannot afford to blow it! Careerbuilder,via MSN, offers up five tips for the interview! 1. Do your homework. Research the company!