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Viral Video: Flight Attendant Caught Pouring Champagne Back Into BottleA flight attendant poured champagne from a glass BACK into the bottle!
Viral Video: Fastest Time To Drink A Bottle Of SyrupA guy set a Guinness World Record for CHUGGING a bottle of maple syrup??!!
Phillips Phunny: Gramma Pranks Grampa With Water BottleA grandma PRANKS her husband with a "Magic Water Bottle' trick.
Viral Video: Cobra Drinks Water From BottleA 12-foot king cobra drinks from a bottle of water.
Phillips Phunny: Bottle Boys - Beat ItWatch four guys cover Michael Jackson's "Beat It" with bottles.
Photo: Coca-Cola's "Selfie Bottle"Coca-Cola created a "selfie bottle" with a camera on the bottom.
Why Beer Is Better In A Can Than A BottleHere's why beer is BETTER in a can than a bottle.
Change Out Your Water BottleDrinking out of your water bottle on a weekly basis is LESS sanitary than licking the toilet seat!
Phillips Phunny: Terrible Water Bottle Talent Show TrickA kid did a LAME water bottle trick for his high school talent show.
Phillips Phunny: Opening A Beer Bottle With Your ButtA guy opens a beer bottle using only his bottom.
Phillips Phunny: Steven Tyler: Hitting The Bottle Hard In HelsinkiCheck out Steven Tyler trying to play "Dream On" with water filled bottles on the street in Helsinki.

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