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Jimmy Fallon

Your Dream Neighbor

Jimmy Fallon can add yet another award to his list of accomplishments: He was the top choice for the “most desired” celebrity neighbor in a new poll. What about the most “neighborly” couple? And the worst neighbor?

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Turn the Tough Convo Around

I think I found a pretty good tip: If you have a difficult topic to discuss with your significant other, talk side by side. Have you ever noticed that your mate will open up more when you’re facing the same direction instead of looking at each other?


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Weirdest V-Day Date Ever

You might not believe this one I found. On February 14, the Detroit Zoo is hosting the fourth annual “Love Gone Wild,” a three-and-a-half-hour adult-only event. Why adult? Click!


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Kayla Mueller’s Parents Hear the Worst

I’m blown away by the news about Kayla Mueller today. She was a 26 year old humanitarian worker from Arizona. Yesterday her captures, the ISIS terror group, emailed her family to say she had been killed.


Kanye West (Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images)

Kanye “Beyonce Superfan” West

Like everyone, when Kanye seemed to jump on stage after Beck won the Grammy for Best Album, I thought he was kidding and harkening back to 2009. But nope, he was very very angry that his dream crush Beyoncé didn’t win again. After the show he made his ridiculous case.



People Helping People on Feel Good Friday

I don’t tear up at movies (or commercials) like my wife does. But I can’t say the same about when I see someone go above and beyond when they don’t have to. I think this “Clip-on Tie” story is a great example of it.



Coworker Hook-Ups

Lots of marriages breaking up out there recently. So often we hear about affairs between coworkers being born out of the long hours and common interests. I was shocked when I heard the percent of Americans who had slept with a coworker.


Credit: CBS Radio

Menopause Tweet Hijacked

Major drama went down Monday on “The Celebrity Apprentice” after Vivica Fox accused Kenya Moore of stealing her phone and sending out a tweet from her account. You must hear the insanity.


Credit: CBS Radio

Katy Perry and John Mayer Back Again?

Aww naww! That’s what I said when I heard John Mayer was waiting for Katy Perry backstage after her epic Super Bowl Half-time show.


Credit: CBS Radio

I-G-G-Y is M-A-D

Iggy Azalea is mad at Steve Madden, the shoe company. She has a new shoe line coming out with them tomorrow. Even though she approved of the final shoe, she did not approve the advertising, […]



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