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Blake Lively Bee Attack

Miss Ryan Reynolds had quite a birthday this week. She said ” I don’t know if they were wasps, honeybees or Mother Nature’s miniature flying tasers.”

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Where Labor Day Falls on Faves

While most of us are really looking forward to the 3 day weekend, Labor Day does not score high on the list as our favorite holiday – that’s a given. But what number do you think it is?

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Ballpark Village Honors Construction Workers

Will You Labor on Labor Day?

Will you be on your time this weekend or on “the man’s?” I was surprised to hear how many folks will be working and that the number is gradually going up. What percent of employers will require employees to work?


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Matt Damon Toilet-Water Challenge

Matt Damon was challenged by his friend Ben Affleck to take the ALS Ice-water Challenge. Damon decided to use toilet water. Why on earth?



Miriam School on STL Voices

I was really grateful I got to chat with Joan Holland and Andrew Thorp from Miriam School last week for the STL Voices show. The mission of Miriam School is to encourage children with complex learning disabilities to recognize and successfully meet their potential.



Tom Cruise Extreme Ice Bucket

This thing has legs! The “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” continues to connect people to their friends and family as well as connecting celebs to their asistants – all to accept their ALS challenges. Tom Cruise and Liam Hemsworth are the lastest recipients. Tom’s appeared to be the most painful.



What’s up Pumpkin?

Piggybacking off of Jill Devine’s “Pumpkin Oreo” story, I bring you the most popular seasonal offering in the history of coffee and I can’t wait! The Pumpkin Spice Latte has caused fans to Tweet Starbucks 3,000 times a day asking about it’s return.


Taylor Swift (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

More Scoop from Taylor Swift

I’ve gotten so many calls of affection for the Y98 PREMIERE of Taylor Swift’s new song “Shake It OFF.” Last week she promised we’ll get to see her perform it live this Sunday night. Jimmy Fallon pulled the announcement from Taylor herself. Click this story and listen to the audio at the bottom.


Credit: CBS Radio

Parkinson’s Impacted Suicide

First Robin Williams wife shared the news about her husband’s early Parkinson’s. Today his friends are saying that very diagnoses impacted his gripping depression, but Parkinson’s was not the main cause of his suicide.



Back to School Bullying

With our kids getting back to school, some parents worry about how their kids will handle hostile kids. I was surprised to hear the percentage of P’s worrying.



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