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Miley No Bueno in Mexico

Many folks are taking their beach vacations to other areas over Mexico these days. Talk of cartels and kidnapping will do that. Imagine making a trip across the border to desecrate the Mexican flag on Mexican Independence Day. Miley did that and more on Tuesday night.



Problems with Joan Rivers Doc

Joan’s personal doctor working on her when she stopped breathing was not authorized to practice medicine at that center and many others. Her name is Dr. Gwen Korovin and she’s worked on Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion and John Mayer. What does Korovin say about all of this?


Emotional Maturity

I heard a psychologist say that the men involved in the abuse we keeping hearing about in the NFL all have one thing in common: a lack of emotional maturity. She said it should be a reminder for us all to look at ourselves and gauge it.



Gosling/Mendes Have Baby Girl

“Huh? I didn’t even know Eva Mendes was pregnant.” That’s what most people (including me) are saying. Sources say the A-List couple worked their tails off to make sure no one found out about Eva pregnancy.



Outrageous Behavior: Kanye, Robin Thicke, Pharrell & Lindsay

Today’s Hot Buttered Hollywood Nugget truly highlights the bizarre thinking celebrities are infamous for. Kanye West badgers concertgoers in wheelchairs to stand at his Sydney concert. Robin Thicke blames Marvin Gaye song theft on good friend Pharrell. Lindsay Lohan lies about being told “to roll Whitney Houston’s body bag.”



They Can Do WHAT About My WHAT?

West County Dermatology can make your underarm sweat disappear. That’s the WHAT and WHAT of it. I’ve learned way more about this area than I ever imagined I would, but I gotta tell you, this procedure really works.



Nicole Kidman Dad Suddenly Dies

Tony Kidman died while in Singapore visiting his other daughter and her six children. A local spokesman said “Police are investigating the UNNATURAL death.” How is Nicole doing?


Credit: CBS Radio

Ray Donovan Star Dating 18 Yr Old

Steven Bauer is 57; he plays “Avi” on Showtime’s hit show Ray Donovan. I was shocked to see that Bauer’s girlfiend, Lyda Loundon, is 18 years old! In my mind, she looks even younger than 18. Standing next to him, she could be his granddaughter. Click this blog to see the picture.


Credit: CBS Radio

A Long Kiss from the Nugget

We had big introspective stuff from Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and Rosie O’Donnell for you this afternoon. And for some reason, the “MWAH” kiss at the end of the Hot Buttered Hollywood Nugget went on forever. Lance took to social media with the problem…


Credit: CBS Radio

All FEMALE Ghostbusters Cast?

Bill Murray has been extremely protective of the direction the next Ghostbusters movie takes, which in itself is kind of a joke because it’s been almost 30 years since the last one! But producers are obligated to get their script approved by Murray before making G3. Since that has never happened, Bill says he’s open to turning the franchise upside down by allowing them to make it with the “Ghostbusters” themselves all being female.



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