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Lindsay Warming Up the Orange Jumpsuit

A very sick Lindsay Lohan is bound to feel like she’s being kicked while she’s down, now that she has more legal problems. Sources say this “problem” has a very high chance of landing her in jail. What is it?


Credit: CBS Radio

Wolf Riding Groupon?

As a guest on a late night show, the new SUPERGIRL said she learned to ride a wolf before a bicycle. Melissa Benoist grew up in a small town in Colorado and she has tattoos of both a bike and a wolf (good convo starters).



“Very Critical” – Aniston’s Mom

“She was critical. She was very critical of me,” Jennifer Aniston recently said about her mother. “Because she was a model, she was gorgeous, stunning. I wasn’t. I never was. I honestly still don’t think of myself in that sort of light, which is fine.”


Credit: CBS Radio

Super Bowl Fatigue

Many St. Louisans are having a rough time rooting for a team in this years Super Bowl. It’s like being forced to choose between scrubbing toilets and eating a diet of only raw kale. The Patriots or The Seahawks?


Credit: CBS Radio

Travolta Fishing in Spas

STL born, “Dean of Hollywood Paparazzi” Gary Lewis says it’s more than common knowledge that John Travolta frequently cheats on his wife Kelly Preston with men he meets at a local spa.


Credit: CBS Radio

“Victorious” Feud with Ariana Grande

“Victorious” was a huge hit for Nickelodeon until 2013. Then the show disappeared, leaving millions of kids and me disappointed. Everyone blamed the demise on the star of the show, Victoria Justice, and her music career, but there’s new info on that and on her supposed feud with co-star Ariana Grande.


Mac Attack

Lance’s Unfortunate Mac Attack

It’s been so nice having Lance actually in the studio with me this week. He looked hungry to me, but I may have misread some signals.


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Facebook’s 10th Birthday

Facebook turns 10 years old next week. Ever wondered exactly how much of your life you’ve spent doing the social networking thing with FB? I found the coolest source to give you the precise answer! Click this blog to find out more.


Credit: CBS Radio

Joaquin Phoenix Crush On Poehler

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel’s show Joaquin Phoenix suddenly expressed great affection for Golden Globe co-host Amy Poehler. He never mentioned her sense of humor.


Credit: CBS Radio

JLo’s Choice of Men?

According to Jennifer Lopez herself, she always “picks the wrong BEEPING guy.” Certainly wrong for her. Can you name all of these bleeping dudes?



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