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I “LIKE” You, Really

Want to make somebody’s day? “Like” them and add a comment on their Facebook page. Research says it’s that simple.

23 hours ago

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Magnificent Seven

Lynn Venhaus and I were dodging bullets for this week’s movie featuring Denzel Washington. Is The Magnificent Seven good? Listen.



Paul’s People: Pumpkin Spice Latte Taste Test

Welcome to the official “First Day of Fall Pumpkin Spice Latte Taste Test” – it’s a real mouthful! (Pardon the pun, haha).


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Souvenirs Foreign Tourists Take Home From U.S.

I’ve always wondered what “Americana” foreign tourists take back home to their countries after a visit. You know that little samurai sword set up you see in some homes? What do visitors put in that spot representing us? Well, you might be surprised.


Rock Star premiere

Jen Aniston’s Response To Brangelina News

Who is the 3rd person you think about when considering Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after the news yesterday? Jennifer Aniston, of course. Well, what does she think?



Are You in a Taste Freeze?

Taste Freeze happens to most people, but for some it’s way early. Ya know when you see someone who’s hair style is from the 80’s, back when it was really working for them – their taste has frozen! But what about music taste?


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Kids Don’t Want This In Lunch Box

I feel like I’ve settled into a nice little groove as the “Cook Girls Lunch Packer.” But there are times I get accused of making an “awful” lunch. Well, what do kids say is number one when it comes to lunch packing?



Why YOU Should Have a Burner Phone

I feel like I should have put a “LOL” after that title, but this is not a joke. You know “burner” phones, they are cheap, disposable, and
prepaid mobile phones – usually reserved for the more criminally inclined in our world.


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Moms vs. Non-Moms

Is there friction between friends when not both of them have kids? I’ve never seen it, but these findings made made me think twice about it.


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Shorter Men Better At…

A-Ha! Short men do more housework than tall men. That’s right! How on earth do I know this?


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