Paul Cook

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NUGGET: Alec Can’t Help Himself

“Can you stay out of trouble, Alexander?” the judge asked Alec today. Baldwin said “sure, sure” and then walking back to his building threatened and insulted a local TV reporter, not a paparazzo. Same old short fuse. It’s incredible to me…


Justin Bieber Pays Tribute

Try Out a Citizen’s Arrest

The Biebs parties have gotten so out of hand that Beverly Hills police have suggested his abused neighbors try “making a Citizen’s Arrest.” I always thought pulling a C.A. was a joke. Evidently, it’s real if you are the cops and you can’t think of anything else do do. You must tell me if you’ve ever witnessed a Citizen’s Arrest.


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More on Kanye’s Wedding Toast

I knew Kanye talked to the guests, but I didn’t realize he gave a 45 minute toast/dissertation in tribute to HIMSELF at his wedding reception in France. This guy is priceless.


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Kennedy Intruder Seeking Katy Perry

Almost everyday we hear about an intruder getting caught trying to enter a star’s home. The nut who went into the Kennedy compound this weekend has raised the bar on insanity. He hung out with the 16 year old grandson of Ted Kennedy and you won’t believe what else…


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Get Ready for Nick and Knight

It’s catchy. Nick and Knight sounds like a new kids show on the Disney Channel. Or perhaps it’s a deluxe fast food meal? Actually, N&K is the joining together of two great past boy banders: Backstreet’s Nick Carter and NKOTB’s Jordan Knight. Click on this story to hear a bit of their new single.



The Hairy Truth

New research proves that a hairy chest can signal that a man is smart. Even that caveman I make fun of at the pool?



Most Important 4 Mins of Day

Research says the tone of your whole evening is set within the first 4 minutes of walking in the door. If you want to have a happy night, you’ll take a stab at a few of these things. I tried it and it works.


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Cast of Glee Facing Another Death

Becca Tobin plays Kitty Wilde on GLEE. Friends say the 28 year old believed she had found her soul mate in club owner in Matt Bendik (35). Tragically, Bendik was found dead in a Philadelphia hotel yesterday. Bendik and Tobin had been out the night before, but she was not around on Thursday when Matt was discovered by a maid. As well as tragic, this one is bizarre…


2011 Summer TCA Tour - Day 3

It’s ROSIE Time!

There is no cure for Shingles. It can remain dormant for years waiting for a painful flareup, much like Rosie O’Donnell. You can swing by Walgreens and get treatment for Shingles, but what can we do about Rosie coming back to The View?”


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“The Strangeness” on “The View” Today

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd were on The View this morning. It was their first opportunity since the show announced they were exiting. The whole thing made me uncomfortable. Let me tell you more.