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Katy Perry & Rob Pattinson Rumors

In the UK, bookies are taking bets on the power duo’s possible romance. They have it 7 to 4 to confirm Perry/Pattinson are an item by the end of 2016. For me, the biggest piece of evidence is that this is real is a friend said “They are the best of friends with a very strong sexual chemistry.” Check please.

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Giving YOU Yadi-Yadi

Look at that spiffy Yadier Molina jersey! Listen to me in the afternoon this week and you can win yours and 2 tickets to see the Cardinals take on the Pirates next Saturday. What?


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Osborne Vs. Hilton – Feud

Many times when I’m doing the NUGGET I feel like I’m dictating “he said/she said” in the principal’s office. Those petty celebrity beefs can sometimes escalate into a nice little ear grabbing “nugget”, but right now this story is merely “pre-nugget” stuff. Paris Hilton and Kelly Osborne seem to have refueled daggers for another feud. It all stems from a VIP brush-off.


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Tori’s Married to a Cheat

Dean McDermot’s sex addiction is common knowledge. But it’s news to me. I’m not a good source for Tori Spelling Fun Facts. I had her married to Dermot Mullrooney. And when I see him in my head, a picture of Dylan McDermott flashes up there instead. But I digress; Dean admits his cheating ways in their new show “True Tori.”



The Spirit of 8 Yr. Old Lacy Holsworth

My wife and I were watching part of the NCAA Tournament two weeks ago and they did a touching piece on an unlikely friendship between an MSU star player and an 8 year old girl.


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Famous St. Louis Paparazzi

Gary Lewis has shot pictures of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, George Clooney and every other celeb you can name. He went to SLUH – left for Hollywood after high school. Today he told me about the TWO times Jodie Foster attacked him.


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Who Was Peaches?

Many are grieving the death of 25 year old Peaches Geldof. The Mom of two very young boys was found dead early this morning. Her father, Bob Geldof, is the musician who created Live-Aid. He made the announcement this morning, describing his sadness and surprise. Lots of Y98 artists have already paid their respects.


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Julie Roberts Close Call

Rough year for Julia Roberts. In January, she lost her half sister to suicide and shortly after that Julia narrowly missed a dangerous intruder situation. The story is pretty crazy…


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95,000 Likes for This Pic

In just the first few hours, Lorde got 95,000 likes for this revealing selfie. Lorde received mammoth attention for hers, over the rest of this type, because she did it with her acne medicine on. Why did she do it?


2010 Summer TCA Tour - Day 1

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry’s Wedding Night

Gilbert from “Roseanne” and Perry from “4 Non Blondes” have tied the knot! Engaged for a year, the couple was getting their 80′s ducks in a row for the big Malibu date. That was adequately represented at the reception. Here’s the lowdown…