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Yummy App of the Day: Color Therapy

Ever felt less stressed and more relaxed after coloring with one of your kids? Me too! They call it Chromotherapy. Color Therapy works for millions of people. How does this work in a smartphone app? […]


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Paul’s ‘Pinions: Face Your Fears Friday

We are going to have some memorable moments in October for FACE YOUR FEARS FRIDAY.



Yummy App of the Day: SLEEP BETTER

Sleep Better is designed to measure your sleep patterns to help you understand how to have your best sleep possible. Pretty cool technology.



Yummy App of the Day: DRAW A STICKMAN

Prepare to be impressed. “Draw a Stickman” is not an app just for kids – the whole family will love it. You and your “Stickman” are the center of an awesome adventure.



Paul’s ‘Pinions: Where The Wild Things Are

When I was little, Maurice Sendak’s awesome book “Where The Wild Things Are” made me feel like I had a juicy secret to protect. I actually believed that book described where you find real-life monsters. Go there with me now in this video!



Yummy App of the Day: HAPPIER

Could there really be an app for that? HAPPIER. I think it’s pretty cool.


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Paul’s ‘Pinions in 2 mins: Oversharenting

Is the word “Oversharenting” something you run across online and suddenly you scroll past it because it makes you ask yourself “do people think I do that?” Well, don’t let it. I’ll tell you why…



A Minute in Football TIME

How many times have you taken a look at a Rams game clock and wondered how long is REALLY left? Maybe you’re preparing a meal or trying to figure out when to meet someone, but it’s all dependent on when that NFL GAME ends! Well, I have some help for you.


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Tori Spelling Kids Bleach: Big Deal or No Deal?

Tori Spelling uploaded some cute pictures of her four young children and her on Instagram. Someone noticed that all five of them had super bleached blonde/whitish hair, like Tori usually sports. Somehow it was determined that the kids wanted to be like Mommy and had her bleach em. I have a question for you.


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Paul’s ‘Pinions: Who Could Preach PRO-Anorexia?

I run across so many social media posts that make me want to hear more of that person’s story. I bet lots of people feel the same way. So, for this week’s video we wanted to view some Twitter and Facebook status updates through a psychological lens. But the “fun” part turned quickly.