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Christmas Thumbprint Cookies

Xmas Cookie’s Fall on the Fave List

What thuh hey? Delicious Holiday Cookies fall to 8th place on the holiday food list. The top 7 is even more unbelievable.


(Photo by OLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images)

The Secret To Live To 100

The secret to a super long life from a 117 year old! Emma Morano just turned 117 years young. She shares the two biggest reasons why…



Who Wore It Better? Lance or Nick?

Nick who? Well, you’re gonna have to click it. It’s worth it.


Matt Holliday

Matt Holliday Lands in NYC

Just in time for the “Hollidays.” Matt Holliday is going to be a Yankee.



Intimate Space at Office Party

Too many jobs are lost after what happens at the Office Holiday Party. Usually drinking is the main cause, but what about an invasion of Intimate Space?


(From Manchester By Sea Pearl Street Films)

MOVIE REVIEW: Manchester By The Sea

Our official film critic Lynn Venhaus absolutely loved the new movie “Manchester By The Sea” staring Casey Affleck. Listen to her review and preview of the film.



Most Expensive House Cat in the World

If getting a kitten is on your gift list this year, consider the Caracat. It was created by crossing a wild Caracal and an Abyssinian cat. Stunning.



The Anniversary of the First Text Message

It has become our #1 method of communication when we aren’t face to face. What year do you think the first text message was sent?


Photo by: Y98

Paul’s People: The Perfect Holiday Party Games

Tis the season for family functions, awkward office parties and cabin fever! Try a few of these fun Christmas games to keep everyone happy and entertained!


(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Christmas Card Time

Do you have your Christmas cards ready to go? Did you say “I’m for sure sending Xmas cards next year!” in the December of 2015? I heard that claim mentioned in our house last year, but I’m not revealing any names (this may or may not be me).


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