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Are You a Great Multitasker?

See if you can you do this? I’ve only seen one person do it out of many.

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Are You a Birthday Monster?

Do you get a little freaky about your birthday? Being too demanding or pouty around your b-day is one of the top “Annoying Friend-traits” in a new survey.



We Value a Sense of Security Most

Does it surprise you to find out when it comes down to it, money is the most important thing in a relationship for many folks? Paul, why do you say that?


Lisa Vanderpump, Pandora Sabo And John O'Hurley Visit SiriusXM

Lisa Vanderpump in STL

The queen of reality TV is making her way to St. Louis this weekend to launch the new Crown Room inside Ballpark Village. Lisa Vanderpump and her coveted dog, Giggy, allowed me to throw questions at them today as they packed for STL.



“Killed Them All” – Robert Durst

After 30 years of escaping justice in various murder trials, nationwide man hunts and transgender dodges, NYC real estate heir Robert Durst admitted his killings in a bombshell of an interview last night on HBO.


Martha Stewart Trial Continues In New York City

Martha Stewart Barista?

My first thought on this one… “Watch out, Starbucks — Martha Stewart is getting into the coffee shop business.”



Is This Possible?

Do parents have a favorite among their children? My Mom told me that was bupkis and “was simply not possible.” I feel duped.



Why YOU Live Longer Than Him

We all know that women live longer than men, but this new data is incredible. The latest figures show that a baby girl is now expected to live to the age of 81-and-a-half, almost five years more than a baby boy. Why do women live longer?


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Wedding Ring Wearing

How often do you take off your wedding ring? 48% of married women say they only take off theirs if it’s in the way, like at the gym. I think the curious part of this survey lies in the other half of the ladies polled and what they do with their wedding rings.


Cast of "Friends" on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno"


A fascinating new program has figured out a way to equate money with happiness claiming there’s a dollar value on marriage and FRIENDS. I have to see if you agree or find this totally repulsive?