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Lamont Reed and Paul Cook at Siteman Radiation

An Extra Special Touch

It’s been a great day in the Cook household. My wife Jennifer finally completed her assigned radiation treatments this morning. She rang that bell! I had to share a story about something cool that happened today.




“Is that a thing?” Lance asked that when I told him some workers had been caught taking “toilet naps” at Barclays PLC, a global financial group. So now they set up new napping rooms, which is catching on.



LAPD Seeking 1 on 1 with Cosby

The woman who claims Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her when she was 15, has filed charges against him. The LAPD says they’d like to talk to Cosby, but he is NOT required to do that.


(Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Mariah’s REAL Voice

Wednesday night Mariah Carey threw on the red dress and dusted off her voice for a performance on NBC. Listen to the NUGGET to hear how much her voiced was processed for broadcast. It’s a “must-hear.”


Premiere Of Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Frozen" - Red Carpet

New “Frozen” Makeup

Usually the words “Frozen” and “Face” are only put together when you’re making a comment about someone using too much BOTOX. But now they are being associated with the Disney blockbuster about sisters Elsa and Anna.


(Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images)

Hating Harry Styles Style!

Seen any pics of Harry Styles lately? The kid has lost it. I’ve heard from more than one tween that his appearance lately is fast moving him off of the #1 heart-throb throne. What’s the deal?


(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Where to Shop Online Now

Online Frenzy-time! Have you been taking part today? Make sure you go to the best places for deals. Depending on what you want, here’s the best of the best…


(Photo by KIM JAE-HWAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Smoky is Trendy

I love smoky bacon, smoky ham and smoky turkey. I even like when ladies wear “smoky eyes” make-up. Turns out SMOKINESS is one of this year’s top trends according to food experts.


Credit: CBS Radio

MoMager Clueless of Kim’s Spread

Yep, Kim Kardashian says her mom Kris Jenner did NOT know about the famous oily booty magazine feature. Here’s how Kim put it…


Credit: CBS Radio

Mama’s Perv Banned From Facebook

Uncle Poodle don’t play dat! He told Dr. Phil that Mama June was lying about not being with Mark McDaniel. Poodle also says June allows McDaniel to be around Alana (Boo Boo). June claims Poodle is lying, but he passed a polygraph and it wasn’t even close.



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