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Paul’s ‘Pinions: Lance’s Future?

My friend Lance Hildebrand has a very big moment coming his way and I’m so happy for him. Watch the video for the details.


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Prince’s ‘Pinions: Unmatched Personality

Prince was arguably the most talented musician of his time. I think that’s a no brainer. But I also loved watching him being interviewed; he always had something memorable to quote and think about. That’s what this week’s video is about…


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Paul’s ‘Pinions: Don’t Bring These Smells To Work!

Who’d of thought trying to eat a bit healthy would cause office wide panic and anger. It happened today at CBS Radio/St. Louis and “it” wouldn’t leave.


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Paul’s ‘Pinion: April Fools Day Pranks

We are only one day away from being allowed to play practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. Are you ready?


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Paul’s ‘Pinions: It’s Time For A Peep Quiz

This week Paul’s ‘Pinion features a new game that is perfect to play with your family at Easter this weekend!


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Keep Lilies From Kitties

Be careful this Easter if you’re a cat owner. Easter lilies are highly toxic to cats.


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Paul’s ‘Pinions: You’ve Filled Out Your Bracket… Now What?

I walked over to Wash Ave to ask my “Duh!” question of the week: “You filled out a bracket, now what?”


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Paul’s ‘Pinon: What To Say On St. Patrick’s Day

Just in case someone starts talking to you in and Irish this weekend… Paul has a few tips for you!


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Why Didn’t You Introduce Me To Your Friend?

How should you correctly introduce your friend to another friend? There’s a real art to this. Thanks to “WikiHow” and their snappy illustrations we can finally learn this lost art. Check it out!


Australia's Russell Henshaw crashes in the Men's Freestyle Skiing Slopestyle finals.  (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

Movie Review: Eddie The Eagle (Real Story?)

Movie Critic Lynn Venhaus has been joining me each Friday aound 6 to suggest a movie for the weekend. She never sugar coats it.


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