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Citizens for Modern Transit on STL Voices

Kim Cella and I got together for another chat about the very beneficial programs at Citizens for Modern Transit.


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Paul’s ‘Pinions: Movember & Trendy Beards

Lots of beards these days. Are you on board with the trendy trend? Find out Paul’s ‘Pinion here!


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Paul’s ‘Pinions: Convo with 3 Serious Shoppers

They’re calling it the “Super Shopping Trifecta.” That’s the three shopping days of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Thanksgiving Day. I needed to see how real shoppers actually feel about the new “Trifecta,” so I brought Ashley, Sharie and Kathleen in for a hard hitting roundtable discussion.



Yummy App of the Day: VA App Store

I bet you didn’t know the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has smart phone apps – neither did I. They have a whole store of apps that are very cool and useful. There’s an app called “Ask a Pharmacist” and “Caring for Women Veterans” App and many more.


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Paul’s ‘Pinions: What Thyme Is It?

We took the whole ‘Pinions crew to Town and Country for the grand opening of Fresh Thyme Farmers Market this week. I’m very curious about this joint, so we threw a Go-pro camera on the shopping cart and proceeded to attack the store.


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UBER Anxiety

UBER is new to the Lou! I’m excited about Uber for TWO big reasons, but I have a touch of anxiety about it as well. I’ve been hearing from a few doubters lately. It’s tough to doubt the doubters when you hear some of the stories.


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Face Your Fears Friday: Escape from STL

You and your friends are trapped in a scary room; you can’t get out! But, if you can work together and keep your wits, you will Escape from St. Louis!



Deborah Norville’s Chicken Soup for the Soul Book

This is one uplifting person! I really enjoyed hearing about how Deborah Norville thinks and lives. I think everyone could learn a few things about being happier from listening to my chat with Deborah, I know I did.



ALS Ice Bucket Bash!

This week I chatted with Maureen Barber Hill, president of the ALS Association-St. Louis Chapter. They have an awesome, out of the box event coming up on November 13th called the 2015 ALS Ice Bucket Bash!



Do You Know a Werewolf?

Becoming a werewolf is a decision that must be thought out well ahead of time, if at all possible. But some dudes out there are getting close to “Lycan” without much effort. What are the signs?


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