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Who’s Your “Work Martyr?”

Every office has one. Work Martyrs never take vacation. Always have another pile of work to do. Feel no one can do their job if they’re gone.

24 hours ago

Hot Chocolate Skin

Okay, if it’s still gonna be kind of chilly we can look for some positives – and this is huge! You can smooth fine lines with hot chocolate.


Feeling Sluggish Lately?

Me too! And there’s a reason for it. The recent time change combined with brighter evenings disrupts our biological clock, triggering sleep problems and next-day sluggishness for two out of three of us.


International Anxiety Dreaming

It’s an odd question, but I’ve always wondered if people living on the other side of the world from varying cultures experience the same types of dreams that we do in the U.S.? I mean we’re all human beings right. Pretty cool findings here.


Selfie’s Negative Impact

Taking too many selfies can hurt your romantic relationship. Research never lies! (usually)


PAUL’S PEOPLE: “Would You Rather” at Tech Artista

Mind, blown! We went looking for interesting people to ask our ridiculous “Would you rather…” scenarios. What we discovered was so much more! It’s called TECH ARTISTA, a truly visionary business/community.


STL Voices: Emmaus Homes

What a memorable chat I just had with Lisa Drier of Emmaus Homes. They serve such a vital need in our community and they do it with a happy heart.


Middle School Nightmare

Which stage of parenting is most challenging? Obviously, the answer varies a lot for different parents with different kids and different circumstances. However, a survey of over 2000 moms by researchers at Arizona State University offers one big answer: On average…


The Problem with Wonder Woman’s Armpits

What’s the big deal with Gal Gadot’s under arms? You might have see the stunning former Israeli model steal the show in last year’s “Batman vs. Superman” blockbuster. Well, thousands of people online are miffed about what’s NOT WRONG with the new Wonder Woman’s armpits.


Brady’s Superbowl Jersey Found!

Yes, that one! I had forgotten as well. But the FBI didn’t. Would you believe they pulled a sting on the thief in Mexico? There’s more…


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