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Yummy App of the Day: gFlashPro

Today’s App looks like a typo, something I know a lot about! BACK TO SCHOOL is our theme this week and “gFlashPro” will help you memorize class info with an awesome update to the tried and true method of using flash cards.


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Yummy App of the Day: CourseSmart

Theme Weeks are fun! Now, you say it…I’ll start “Theme Wee…” Well, they can be fun when it comes to the Yummy App of the Day. This week I’ll be talking about apps to help with school work or back to school in general.



Back to School – “PAUL’S ‘PINIONS”

I’ve seen multitudes of relieved looking moms and dads walking around the last few days. “Back to School” brings a whole lot of new challenges and structure, but we can’t deny the really good stuff too. This week’s “Paul’s ‘Pinions” is about that good stuff.



Yummy App of the Day: BANK OF MOM

Mom’s who work outside of the home tell me they need all the help they can get. Today’s app is a fun, effective way to teach your kids the concept of money and savings, which is sorely needed these days. The BANK OF MOM…



Yummy App of the Day: REDLASER

This week I’m suggesting apps for Moms who work outside of the home, but everyone can use this App! With REDLASER you’ll never be in the dark about the price of something. Simply use your phone to scan any barcode.



Yummy App of the Day: ENDLESS TV

In 2008, I thought I had a killer idea. Into my tiny brainstorm-tape-recorder I said “Ya know, somebody would make a lot of money if they could create something like Tivo for internet videos and finally take out all of these commercials.” What did I do with that million dollar musing? Nothing!


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What’s Poppin’ With Paul: Screen Addiction

What can you do to get your kids off their phone and tablets and back to enjoying life?


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Yummy App of the Day: mCouple

Okay, this app is insane. mCouple is billed as a “mutually agreed upon way to stay connected to your mate.” They say “it gives you remote access to each other’s phones.” And you can “avoid guessing games and protect your love one from any harm.” But after playing with mCouple a bit I realized this app helps you



Yummy App of the Day: POPKey

For the Friday edition of YAoftheD I think I’ve found the most awesome communication app ever!



Yummy App of the Day: VINE

Wait, you don’t have VINE on your smartphone? There are a ton of great apps to kill a few minutes with, but VINE requires the least from you. Even your attention span gets a break!