Photo: Vanessa Hudgens Wears DreamcathcerVanessa Hudgens wore a dreamcatcher in her hair, and people got upset.
Phillips Phunny: Pulling A Tooth Using A SquirrelA squirrel pulls a girl's loose tooth??!!
Photo: Chick-Fil-A DietA man lost 140 POUNDS by eating Chick-Fil-A!
When We Get The Best SleepA new study found you get the best sleep on...
Photo: Diet Pepsi Classic Sweetener BlendDiet Pepsi made with aspartame is returning to shelves in the U.S.??!!
The Cost Of Summer ClothesHere's what men and women on average spend on summer clothes.
Magnets And AttractionYou're MORE attracted to someone if...
Photo: Starbucks' Four-Layered FrappuccinoA new Starbucks drink uses vanilla custard and coffee jelly??!!
Viral Video: Blake Shelton At NASCAR 2016Blake Shelton did a new version of "Bringing Back the Sunshine" for NBC's NASCAR coverage this year.
Viral Video: "Star Trek Beyond" Trailer Features Rihanna's "Sledgehammer"The new trailer for "Star Trek Beyond" features Rihanna's new single "Sledgehammer".
Chipotle's New Rewards ProgramChipotle's NEW rewards program gives you...
Phillips Phunny: Lawyers Sing "Don't Eat Your Weed"Two lawyers wrote a song called "Don't Eat Your Weed" about why you shouldn't swallow marijuana to hide it from police.

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