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Signs That You’re Really An Adult

Here are the top signs you’ve REALLY become an adult.

How do you know when you’re ACTUALLY an adult? Here are the top 10 signs, according to a new survey…

1. Pay your own bills. 81% of people say you need to before you’re considered an adult.

2. Have a full-time job. 63% say it’s a requirement for being an adult.

3. Move out of your parents’ house, 59%.

4. Do your own laundry, 55%.

5. Don’t get regular financial assistance from your parents or relatives, 54%.

6. Cook for yourself more than twice a week, 39%.

7. Do your own taxes, 38%.

8. Contribute to an IRA or other retirement plan, 35%.

9. Take your parents out to dinner and pay the bill, 30%.

10. Get an annual check up, 29%.

A few things that didn’t make the top 10 are having children . . . hosting Thanksgiving . . . giving money to charity . . . flossing . . . and paying for Netflix.

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