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What Women Spend Daily On Their Face

On her face every day, the average woman spends…

Researchers recently talked to more than 3,000 women in the U.S., and found the average woman spends $8 a day just on her FACE… $5 worth of skincare products, and $3 worth of make-up.

If you do your face up seven days a week, that’s just over $2,900 a year.

Women in New York, Connecticut, and West Virginia spend the most, at $11 a day. Women in Montana spend the least at $3.50. Then it’s Utah at $4.50, and Colorado, New Mexico, and Maine at $5 a day.

They also found women spend 10 minutes on their face each morning, and use 16 different products. One-third said they wouldn’t leave the house if they couldn’t wear foundation.

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