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Skincare Tips For Hairy Men

Here are a few skincare tips for really hairy guys.

“GQ” posted a few skincare tips that are specifically for HAIRY dudes…

1. Don’t use normal lotion. Most water-based lotions are too thick, and don’t rub in well if you’ve got a lot of body hair. So use one that’s oil-based instead. They might cost a little more, but it’s worth it.

2. Stop using a loofah in the shower. You don’t need one on your hairiest spots, because just rubbing your HAIR exfoliates your skin. Using a loofah can overdo it and dry your skin out.

3. Don’t forget to wear sunblock. Body hair doesn’t actually protect your skin from the sun very well. It has to be really thick and long, like a beard. And even really hairy guys aren’t THAT hairy.

So make sure you wear sunscreen, especially in summer. And look for one that’s oil-based, so it’s easier to rub in.

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