Phillips Phunny: Things Tim Howard Could Save

There’s a great meme called “Things Tim Howard Could Save” which is just people Photoshopping America’s World Cup goalie Tim Howard into pictures so he can “save” things.

If you are an American, you are LEGALLY REQUIRED TO LOVE TIM HOWARD – the U.S. Men’s Soccer team’s insanely talented goalie.

You are also legally required to become aware of the new meme of the moment: “Things Tim Howard Could Save”. It’s just people Photoshopping Tim Howard into pictures, but there are already some HILARIOUS ones . . .

We’ve got Tim Howard saving Taylor Swift from being interrupted by Kanye West, saving that guy on the toilet from being eaten by the T-Rex in “Jurassic Park”, and even saving Ned Stark’s head on “Game of Thrones”.

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