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Ten Things That Instantly Make Women And Men More Confident

What’s something that INSTANTLY makes you more confident?

According to a new survey, the top answer for women was “A New Haircut”. For men, it’s “A Sunny Day”.

Here are the top ten things that instantly make WOMEN more confident.

1. A new haircut (unless of course it’s TERRIBLE).

2. A sunny day.

3. Walking in heels.

4. Learning a new skill.

5. Booking a vacation.

6. Shaved legs.

7. Lipstick.

8. Having a tan.

9. Wearing a little black dress.

10. Designer perfume.

Now here are the ten things that instantly make MEN more confident.

1. A sunny day.

2. A fresh shave.

3. A new suit.

4. Brushing your teeth.

5. Wearing aftershave.

6. Being praised at work.

7. A new haircut.

8. Sleeping in fresh sheets (which is RARE for a lot of guys.)

9. Learning a new skill.

10. Asking someone on a date, and getting a “yes”. (Being asked out was number 12 for women).

Click Here to see the complete list of “20 Things That Make You More Confident” from London’s Daily Mail.

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