The New Nail Fad

Jill Devine

Whenever I’m on Pinterest, I always see so many cool designs for your fingernails.  I often wonder if I took the picture into a nail salon, would they laugh at me or actually be able to pull the masterpiece off.  I’m too chicken to find out lol!  Plus, I end up ruining my nails within the first two hours after getting them done.  I have learned to stick with nude colors for my nails.

Then I saw a blog about a nail art fad and I want to try it!  From

…But imagine being able to actually take photos you’ve shared on Instagram and turn them into seriously unique nail polish stickers!

Thanks to a new app called NailSnaps, this awesome idea is set to become a reality this fall.

The NailSnaps app itself will be free. Beauty mavens can position a photo from their Instagram on a set of digital nails to be able to envision how their final product might actually look. Users can then order a set of stickers for less than $20 and get them delivered. Fun!

How fun does that sound?!?!??!?!  I may have to try it at least once.  Click here for the blog.

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