5 On Friday – Pets You Should Follow On Social Media

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Social media is not just for businesses anymore. No sir, not this day and age. It seems that the new trend for social networks is to show how cute and adorable your pet is, and I may or may not be guilty of partaking in said trend. Is there a legit reason for people to showcase their ball of fluff? Probably not, but who doesn’t want to see a cute little pup or kitty in their newsfeed, timeline, etc. every now and then? I can recall numerous times when I’m in a rotten mood and I check my Instagram feed to see a cute pup or kitten looking adorable as ever making me smile or laugh. So, maybe it does serve a purpose after all.

Regardless the usage and need to see cute pets, I thought I’d share with you some of the best pets to follow on social media for today’s 5 On Friday!

Where do I begin for this cute Maltese? I remember seeing a video on Laughing Squid back in April about a a puppy re-enacting Jurassic Park called ‘Jurassic Bark (such a good pun).’ Absolutely adorable, and too stinking cute. After seeing that video, my love for Milo spiraled out of control. I started following him on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Oh, and I subscribed to his YouTube channel because his owner has great aesthetic when it comes to making these cute little clips about her fluff. And not to mention, Milo is stylish as ever. As a Maltese owner, I get the love and infatuation Milo’s owner has with her pet. He sure has won me over, and let this video be the proof on why you should follow him on social media:

If you haven’t heard of  Lil Bub, brace yourself for such an amazing little critter. Bub was discovered as the runt of a litter in rural Indiana where she was taken in as a rescue to receive special care. She is a ‘perma-kitten’ (meaning she will always stay kitten like, aww!) and was born with a few genetic anomalies, including dwarfism which makes her limbs small compared to the rest of her body. Her lower jaw is shorter than her upper jaw & her teeth never came in which is why her tongue always hangs out.–So cute! She even has extra toes and the biggest green eyes making her the cutest little kitty EVER! I first discovered Bub on a random blog and boy, is this feline famous! She’s been featured on Animal Planet for her own Special Night and even during the Puppy Bowl! Lil Bub is SO amazing that she even has a fund with the ASPCA! I always enjoy seeing a good Tweet from Bub’s owners or even a music video with one of my favorite musicians/motivational speaker, Andrew W.K. Visit Bub’s website and start following her on social media. She truly is an amazing kitty, and you won’t regret it.

Manny The Frenchie is an adorable 2 year old French Bulldog who lives in Chicago. According to his website, Manny & Friends, he likes bacon (but who doesn’t?) and has a cute brother & sister. Manny has been featured in several media outlets about his stardom. He’s even help create a T-shirt line for American Apparel, having t-shirts for both humans & dogs, and has modeled for Threadless, a Chicago T-shirt company. Manny doesn’t let his stardom get the best of him. When he hosts’ ‘pawties’ he gives the proceeds to charity. How awesome is that? Follow Manny and enjoy meeting new pets to follow on social media.

Oh man, I love Pudge! She’s a 3 year old Exotic Shorthair cat living in Minnesota who is just a normal cat, but with tons of personality. She doesn’t like cat treats, catnip or cat toys. Pudge’s owner is still trying to figure out if she’s cat or dog, considering she loves to go for car rides and love to chew on sticks. Like Manny & Bub, Pudge has her own store who donates a portion of every sale to local animal charities. She’s the best! Her owner sets up Meet & Greets so Purdge’s fan can come meet her, how cool is that? Keep up the cuteness Pudge!

I remember reading a news article about a photographer, Andrew Knapp and his pup, Momo. The article discussed a project that Knapp was working on involving his cute Border Collie, ‘Find Momo.’ Find Momo is a photo series where Knapp takes a picture and somewhere in that pic, Momo is hiding for you to find him. They even made it into a book! You’re probably thinking “Oh hide and  go seek, that’s kiddie stuff,” but actually, it’s hard to find Momo in some the photos, just see for yourself.

While you’re adding these adorable pets to your newsfeed, don’t forget to follow us as well at @Y98 and on Facebook!

-Amy Determan, CBS Radio St. Louis

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