Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day!

Jill Devine

If you have a pet(s), do you celebrate their Birthday or “Gotcha Day?”  (“Gotcha Day” is the day you rescued/adopted your pet)

For Brian and me, we celebrate Apple’s “Gotcha Day” and Birthday on the same day because St. Louis Bulldog Rescue, Inc. didn’t know her actual birthday.  We have a good idea of her age based on what the vet had to say.  Well, last August we celebrated Apple’s first “Gotcha Day” with us and her third Birthday.  We even had a special cake made for her.  It was a fun day!

Here are a couple of pics from Apple’s big day last August:

Apple's Gotcha Day Cake

Apple’s Gotcha Day Cake

Eating the cake

Eating the cake

Y98 wants to celebrate YOUR pet(s) Birthday and/or “Gotcha Day!”

Here’s what we want you to do:

Click here to submit your pet’s photo and be sure to tell us your furry loved one’s name and the date of your pet’s birthday and/or “Gotcha Day.” Your pet will be announced on the air and featured on our Facebook and Twitter pages and our website.

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