Tips On Dealing With Annoying Relatives

Taylor J.

The best and worst part of Thanksgiving is the family reunion aspect.  Well, ok, besides the scrumptious food.  Anyway, lots of different personalities will be uniting this Thursday.

Here are some tips on how you can handle dealing with a few of the different personality types.

The Complainer

-Experts say don’t drain yourself by trying to get them to look on the bright side.  Instead, just acknowledge their complaints and keep it moving.

The Always Late To The Party Relative

-Make time expectations clear.  Tell them everyone is getting here at 7pm, dinner will be served promptly at 7:30, if you arrive at 7:45, you will be coming in as people are eating.  Or you can tell them an earlier time to make sure they arrive on time.  (This has been done to me)

The Fighter

-If you have that relative with a short fuse who is ready to argue, use humor.  The experts suggest you make a joke out of a heated conversation, “My this conversation is getting a little heated, uhhh, maybe we take a few breaths?”

The Slacker Parent

-Have that relative who’s kids jump on the couch and draw on the walls?  Set guidelines of behavior.  Offer to take the kids for a walk or engage them in some sort of productive activity.


For more family traits and how to handle them, click here.



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