Lady Gaga Admits To Needing To Be High To Be Creative

Taylor J.

Lady Gaga says she was addicted to marijuana.  In an interview this week she says she was smoking “15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes a day.”  She relates the addiction to dealing with her hip injury that sidelined her last year.

People magazine reports her having said, recently, that, “I’ve been addicted to various things since I was young.  Most heavily over the past seven years.  A friend gave me this term, ‘I lily pad from substance to substance,’ because I get to a point where I can’t go any further with one substance so I move to another.”

She says the pressures are fame are difficult and it is hard to have to be happy and upbeat when you are depressed on the inside.  While recovering from hip surgery says says, “The truth is that I can break, and I did.  I was not very good at breaking.  I lost everything that I love.  I was in a wheelchair for six months.  I did a lot of drugs and took a lot of pills.”

She is determined to fight her addictions and the goal is to create music without being on mind-altering substances.

Are you surprised to hear about these revelations?


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