Schmig Schmackdown For Friday, September 27, 2013

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Will Steve defeat Sarah to remain champ? Let’s find out.

Here are today’s QUESTIONS:

1) What tattoo did Miley Cyrus get on her feet this week?

2) All of the adult regulars on “Modern Family” were nominated for Emmys except this actor.

3) The name of Melissa Joan Hart’s new tell all book is “Melissa Explains It All” based on her Nickelodeon show by what name?

4) This singer did an impression of Bill Clinton in front of Bill himself.

5) This week is TV Premiere Week, and Robin Williams is back in a television sitcom after over 30 years. In what sitcom did Robin make his first appearance?

Here are today’s ANSWERS:

1) Rolling $tone

2) Eric Stonestreet

3) “Clarissa Explains It All”

4) Bono

5) “Happy Days”

Sarah got 3, and Steve wins by getting 4 out of 5! He’ll return next week, and you can email Courtney at courtney@y98 if you would like to play next week on Schmig Schmackdown.

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