Items You Refuse To Give Up … Even If You’re Broke

Jill Devine

According to a new poll, 36% of Americans say they live paycheck to paycheck almost every month.  That number is actually down from 40% last year.

Even when money is an issue, there are some things Americans refuse to give up.  I know Brian and I are dealing with this right now because we are trying to sell our house and we want to pinch pennies wherever we can for the next house.

Here are the top seven things Americans say they’d keep paying for, regardless of their financial situation:

  1. Internet connection – I would rank that up there, but at the same time, there are other items on this list that I would put before the internet.
  2. Car – I cannot imagine not having a car.  I couldn’t work, go to school, etc.  That would be so hard!
  3. Pets – 100% agree!
  4. Smartphone – I would hate to give that up, but if it was needed, I would switch to a basic phone instead.  I would have to have something!
  5. Cable TV – We just got rid of Dish Network, so I understand.
  6. Traveling – We don’t travel a lot, so I don’t think it would be too hard to give up, but it would be difficult to not get away every now and again.
  7. Going out to eat – We should be better about this.  It’s not like we go out to eat all the time, but I do think we could minimize it even more.

Would you add any thing else to the list?

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