The Grocery List To Stay Healthy

Taylor J.

I hate grocery shopping!  I hate things i’m terrible at and grocery shopping is something i’m not great at.  I overspend, buy too much for a single woman, and put my nutritional goals at risk!  I always go when i’m starving.  Isn’t it pathetic that I find NOT putting a Jilly’s Cupcake or jar of Nutella in my cart a great achievement for the day!?


Anyway.  The one thing I stand by when it comes to weight loss is if you don’t have crap in your house, you won’t eat it and you will lose weight.  There are plenty of low-fat, lower calorie, protein-rich foods out there to fill your cupboards that will fill you up! just posted a great grocery list that everyone can follow to 1)  make grocery shopping easy and 2) Help you stick to your nutritional goals.


Check the list out, it makes tons of sense.  Good luck!  I know I need it!!  Tweet your healthy tips for the wellness tip @stltaylorj.



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