Get Your Own Duck Dynasty Shoes

Jill Devine

If you’re in the market for some new tennis shoes, you might be interested in the new “Duck Dynasty” shoes that are coming out.  And you guessed it, they are camouflaged.

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The sneakers are a marriage of two of A&E brands, “Duck Dynasty” and “Project Startup,” an A&E program designed to showcase up-and-coming brands and new technologies. Through the program, A&E is hand-picking startups and providing them with seed money and promotional help.

Additionally, they are giving the small businesses a chance to spread their message.

Spira shoes are premised upon a patented technology called WaveSpring, a lightweight, laterally stable and compact spring that’s placed in both the heel and forefoot. The WaveSpring not only cushions, but returns energy, allowing people to participate in the activities with far more comfort and less stress and strain than traditional footwear.

The “Duck Dynasty” shoes — offered in six different color schemes — are only available through November 14 via the crowdfunding project. Shoppers have the option of purchasing as little as one pair, for a $90 donation, or many as 200, for a $10,000 donation.

duck dynasty shoes Get Your Own Duck Dynasty Shoes

I actually think the pink ones are cute!


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