The Things New Moms Miss The Most

Jill Devine

I’m sure you can guess what question I get asked all the time now that I am married … when are you having kids?  My response – mind your own business!  JUST KIDDING!  Honestly, Brian and I don’t know, so we don’t know how to answer that question.

It’s ironic because I found an article today about the “Top Ten Things New Mothers Miss the Most”.  It probably wasn’t a good idea for me to read it because it just delayed the decision of having kids … by a lot!  Check out the list:

  1. Lying in bed if you’re tired – That is one of my biggest fears if we choose to have kids.  I LOVE my sleep and anyone that knows me well knows not to mess with me when I’m sleeping or tired. 
  2. Having a relaxing night at home
  3. The opportunity to change plans at the last moment
  4. Having a conversation with a friend without being interrupted – I was just with my girlfriends last night and I think one topic of conversation took an extra 15 minutes because their kids kept interrupting.  I know the kids are not trying to be mean, so I have learned that it will happen and I’m fine with it. 
  5. Eating out
  6. Having an uninterrupted date night
  7. Going to the movies
  8. Late nights with friends – I would imagine the hangover is much worse when you have kids
  9. Going on romantic trips
  10. Shopping with friends

If you’re a mom, do you agree with the above list?  Would you add anything?

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