A 91-Year-Old Man Just Set a World Record by Bench Pressing 187 Pounds

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I don’t know how much you can bench press . . . but I’m pretty sure I would have trouble benching 187 pounds right now. Which officially means I’m weaker than a man who was born when WARREN HARDING was president.

Last week, 91-YEAR-OLD Sy Perlis of Surprise, Arizona shattered a world record by bench pressing 187.2 pounds.

No one over 90 has ever bench pressed that much. In fact, the previous record for a 90-year-old was 135 pounds. Sy beat that by 52 pounds.

Sy didn’t start lifting weights until he was 60 . . . but he LOVED it. He entered his first competition five years ago. And now he’s got a record that seems like it will stand for a while.

If you’re wondering whether it’s safe for a 91-year-old man to be competitively bench pressing . . . the answer is yes, as long as he’s healthy and his doctor signs off on it.

91 Bench Press World Record

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