Who Is The Highest Paid Public Employee In Our State?

The answer might surprise you.

If you want, you can look up the salaries of EVERY public employee in the state.

That includes everyone who works for the government, every elected official, and everyone who works for public colleges and universities.

The website Deadspin.com decided to look at the highest paid public employees in every state to see who’s making the MOST. In ALL 50 states, the highest paid public employee works for a college. And in 40 of the 50 . . . it’s a coach.

Yes, they all make more than everyone from the workers at the DMV to the members of the state House of Representatives.

In 27 of the 50 states, a college FOOTBALL COACH is the highest paid public employee. In 12 states, it’s a men’s basketball coach.

In Connecticut, it’s Geno Auriemma . . . the WOMEN’S basketball coach at UConn. And in New Hampshire, it’s Dick Umile, the HOCKEY coach at the University of New Hampshire.

In states where it’s not a coach, the highest paid public employee is usually the head of a medical school or law school . . . or the dean of the largest university.

The question, of course, is whether football and basketball coaches are paid by TAX DOLLARS like other public employees. In general, the answer is no. Their sports bring in PLENTY of revenue, and their salaries come from that.



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