Why Do Dogs Bark?

Jill Devine

The question, why do dogs bark may seem like an obvious question to ask, but have you ever really thought about it?  Dogs have different barks just like babies have different cries.  Yahoo.com posted an article about the four main reasons dogs bark.  Check it out:

1. They’re startled by something: A lot of times it’s just a sound, like thunder or a door slamming shut.  You can normally tell if it’s a fear-based bark because their ears are usually back and their tail is between their legs.

2. Their territory is threatened: You might think of your house or apartment as YOUR place.  Dogs see it as THEIR place, which is why they bark when someone knocks on the door or when they see another dog close by.  In those cases, their tail is usually up and their ears are forward and they’re trying to look threatening.  With that being said, some dogs bark when they are excited to see someone.

3. They need something: They’re hungry, they’re bored, they’re hurt, their favorite toy is stuck under the couch or they need tp go outside.

4. They want attention: It could mean they want to play or they found something interesting they want you to see, like a squirrel outside the window.

Brian and I always laugh at Apple because sometimes we will be watching TV and she will be sitting on the couch.  She will stare at us and then all of a sudden she lets out a bark.  She doesn’t have to go outside, so we think she is trying to tell us she is bored and wants our attention.  It makes us laugh every time she does it.

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