Spoiler Alert: The Latest Idol Results Show

Taylor J.

So. . .did you hear who was voted off American Idol tonight?  NOBODY!  I feel like we should have seen this coming.  In fact, at the top of the show, Ryan Seacrest announced that there was going to be a shocking change that would surprise, even the judges.  The judges never used their save, so, the math adds up.  They would have enough time to have a week without an elimination.  I think they should have used it way back when St. Louis native Curtis Finch, Junior was eliminated straight off being named into the top ten.  No.  I do not think America would have voted him their favorite Idol, but, clearly, he was worlds better than some of those other guys.

Believe the hype.  These girls are, as Randy says are “in it to win it.”  They are all very talented in their own way.  The ratings problems American Idol seems to be having this year have nothing to do with the caliber of talent, or, even the judges.  It has to do with the over saturation of musical competition shows.  It’s ridiculous.  When networks are looking for space to fill in down times, they create some sort of silly reality singing competition.

I did notice that American Idol is branding themselves as the ORIGINAL singing competition show.

Not that you asked.  I am biased, but I think Mariah is doing a fab job on the panel.  I really had my doubts.  I’m biased about M because i’m her number one fan in the world!  :-)  I love music more than anything (except my cat, Louie, and my Grandma), and Mariah Carey is my all time favorite artist.  Anywho – I thought she might be as flaky as Britney was on the X-Factor, but week after week, she shows why she is one of the best selling female artists of all-time.  She knows her stuff.  She’s nurturing, supportive and authentic.  I really hope they don’t fire her.  There are a ton of Nicki Minaj haters in the world.  I have been one, but i’m not anymore.  I like her surprising nurturing ways and her feist.  I’m a fan of this judging panel.  I didn’t mind Jennifer Lopez, but as much of a character as he is, I didn’t think Steven Tyler added much.

What do you think of this season’s American Idol?


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