Impulse Bites the Dust

I love waiting in line at the store – the candy, gum, 5 Hour Energy and US Weekly brighten my wait, looking so tempting. I always seem to snatch them up. But, those types of Impulse purchases have taken a MAJOR hit. Magazine publishers and candy manufacturers were all noticing large decreases in sales and they couldn’t figure out why. Why do you think?

SMARTPHONES! New phones have effected yet another industry. According to Business Week, we are focusing so much on our smartphones that we aren’t indulging in impulse buys while waiting in line as much as we used to. They are feeling the pain as we tweet, text or talk instead of getting that new fun pack of Rollos. Not even an iPhone could keep me from those badboys and some strawberry Mentos.

But, in my book this is a good thing. FREE MARKET COMPETITION is always good for us. Because now those companies are going to have to give us better more startling deals to draw us away from our smartphones. Silver lining. -Paul Cook

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