Kate Accidentally Reveals the Royal Baby’s Sex

Jen Myers
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Prince William And Kate Middleton Visit Northern Ireland
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Poor Kate, you knew she was bound to slip eventually. Prince William’s wife and baby mama was at the National Fishing Heritage Center yesterday when a local handed her a white teddy bear. Kate said, “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d–“, and cut her sentence short.

D. That one letter has sent people into a frenzy over the Royal Baby-Girl-To-Be, although Kate didn’t confirm our suspicions.

Another person standing in the crowd asked her if she was going to say “daughter”, but Kate said they “don’t know.” The woman kept pressing, saying, “Oh, I think you do.” Kate finally said, “We’re not telling.”

I know people are just curious and excited for the Royal couple, but let’s afford them just a little privacy, right???

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