Pet Peeve: Lateness

Jill Devine

Two celeb stories emerged today about celebrities being late to their OWN event.  First, Justin Bieber was scheduled to perform in London last night at 8:30p, but he didn’t take the stage until 10:20p.  When he finally made it onstage, he was booed.  He blames his lateness on technical issues that were “beyond his control”.  I get it, things happen to cause lateness, BUT let someone why you are late.  There were plenty of ways Justin could have gotten the word out to his fans that he was going to be late.

Second, Rihanna launched HER debut fashion collection last night and she was an hour late!!!!!!!!!!!!!She didn’t even address why she was late.

I feel that celebrities have this feeling of entitlement … no matter how late they are, we should wait for them.  That is so aggravating to me!  I probably get worked up more about people (celeb or not) being late because I HATE if I am running late.  I literally will have anxiety if I know I am running late.  Like I said earlier, I get it…things happen to cause lateness (a wreck on the road, your alarm didn’t go off, etc.), but let someone know why you are late.   Now, I have zero patience for repeat late offenders.  You know who you are:)!  If you know you are always late, get up five minutes earlier or leave ten minutes earlier.  It’s not that hard.

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