Super Bowl Gossip

Jill Devine

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and I am excited!!!  I’m not really excited about the game because I don’t really care for the Ravens or the 49ers, but I am excited about the half-time show and the commercials.  Check out some random Super Bowl gossip I have compiled for you:

*Every year, EA sports runs a simulated Super Bowl using the latest “Madden” video game.  It’s been right seven of the last nine years.  This year’s simulation says the Ravens will beat the 49ers 27 to 24.  At least it’s predicting a close Super Bowl.  I hate blowouts!

*Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child is denying the rumor that Destiny’s Child will reunite during the Super Bowl half-time show.  Do you really think she would confirm it?  Then the surprise would be ruined!  I think the reunion is for sure going to happen.

*Beyoncé is not getting paid for her performance at the Super Bowl.  She has been granted $600,000 for production costs.  Basically, the money will go to her back-up singers, her musicians, and all the extras for the actual performance.  If Beyoncé were to exceed the $600,000, she would have to pay the difference out-of-pocket, but it would actually be her record label that would supply the extra money.  I found that interesting because I thought all the performers got paid.  What i would like to know…what if Beyoncé only spends $500,000, would she pocket the other $100,000?

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