Adele Has Revealed Her Baby’s Name

Jill Devine
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Adele, Oscars

(Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Credit: CBS Radio Jill Devine
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I have been waiting patiently (well, maybe I am lying about that patient part) to hear the name Adele gave her baby boy.  I can’t believe she kept it a secret for so long.  Her baby is 5-months-old!

Adele’s son’s full name is Angelo James Konecki.  I guess I should tell you that Adele didn’t officially announce that name to the press.  Here’s what happened…

Photographs surfaced of Adele wearing a necklace bearing the name “Angelo”.  An insider told The Sun, “They wanted to keep their choice quiet until they were ready, and wearing the necklace suggests she now is.”

So, we could all be totally wrong and Angelo could be the name of her dog.  Time will tell!!!

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