New Flavor of Gum Coming Out

Jill Devine

Do you enjoy chewing gum?  I love fun gum!  Fun gum, to me, includes flavors that are not minty or cinnamon.  Flavors like grape, orange, strawberry, etc.  Well, I saw a story about a new gum coming out and it’s called “Ballpark Gum”.

“Ballpark Gum” allegedly tastes like going to a baseball game.  It’s flavored like peanuts, hot dogs, and beer.  Ummmmm, that doesn’t sound good at all.  I have thought about nacho flavored gum….only because I am watching what I eat.  Instead of consuming all the calories of nachos, why not chew gum that tastes like nachos?  I’m not saying it would taste the best, but maybe it would.

By the way, a tin of “Ballpark Gum” with 22 gumballs costs $4.

Would you try “Ballpark Gum”?

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