Beyonce Lip Synchs At The Inauguration

Taylor J.

Beyonce’s performance of the National Anthem at the Presidential inauguration yesterday ended up being a little too perfect.  Once upon a time, Jay-Z compared his wife, Beyonce, to Michael Jackson.  They are comparable performers.  They are work horses.  When the show lights come on, they give their all and then some.  They may not have been born with the very greatest of talents, but they both, at their parents urging, worked extremely hard to become world class, top of their profession entertainers.  Beyonce is an amazing performer, but I don’t think she was born with a voice like Whitney Houston may have been born with.  I think a lot of her voice is tweaked in the studio.  Obviously, her dancing is not.

I was blown away watching her performance yesterday.  I took back my opinion of Beyonce not necessarily having the greatest of voices.  She won me all the way over.  Until today.  The military band backing her says she performed to a backing vocal track.  I stand by my opinion that Beyonce’s voice is made, somewhat, in the studio.  I don’t take away from her that she is one of the all-time greatest entertainers that has ever walked this Earth.  Please take a listen to her ad-libing to her hit, Ego, from her I Am Sasha Fierce. . . album it’s a little weak.


I just don’t understand why she had to over-act and pull that monitor out of her ear!!!  Are you upset that Beyonce lip synched yesterday?  Do you understand why she did it?



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