The “World’s Best Beer” Is Finally On Sale In The US

Here’s how you can get your hands on the “Best Beer In The World”.

According to beer experts, the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD is a beer called Westvleteren Twelve. It’s made by monks in Belgium, and the only place you can buy it is at their abbey in Saint Sixtus, Belgium.


The Westvleteren brewery just put the beer on sale worldwide, and that includes here in the U.S. They say it’s a one-time-only thing to fund some renovations at the monastery.

The brewery has shipped out gift boxes that include six bottles and two glasses. The boxes go for $85, but I’m guessing you can get a lot more for them on eBay.

The only place to get the gift boxes are at some selected retail stores. You can find the list of stores by Clicking Here.

As for WHY Westvleteren Twelve is the best beer in the world . . . we’re sure it’s got an incredible taste and balance and aroma and everything, but the mystique is definitely part of it.

(ABC News)

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