Gifts Men and Women Do and Don’t Want

Jill Devine

Have you bought all your Christmas gifts yet?  If not, keep reading to find out what women and men really want for Christmas.  If you have all your shopping done, be prepared to take some stuff back.

A recent survey asked men and women to name their dream gifts and the gifts they hate the most.  Here are the results:

Top Five Gifts Women Want-

  1. Designer Shoes
  2. A Designer Coat
  3. A Pet
  4. A Designer Purse
  5. Jewelry

Top Five Gifts Women DO NOT Want-

  1. Household Items
  2. Gift Cards
  3. Champagne
  4. A Gym Membership
  5. A Kitchen Appliance

Top Five Gifts Men Want-

  1. Season Ticket To Their Favorite Sports Team
  2. An iPad
  3. An Expensive Watch
  4. A Designer Suit
  5. Gardening Equipment

Top Five Gifts Men DO NOT Want-

  1. A Tie
  2. Socks
  3. A Shirt
  4. A Book
  5. Cufflinks

Now, I may agree with some of the results of the survey, BUT a lot of wallets do not agree with it.  The survey should have included a list of wants that were also cheap!

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