St. Louis Girl Is The New Rebecca Black With Her Thanksgiving Song

Taylor J.

Move over, Becky!  Nicole Westbrook is here rockin’ You Tube like You Tube hasn’t been rocked since, It’s Friday!

Nicole Westbrook is a twelve year old young lady living in Van Nuys, California.  She moved there four years ago when her father had to transfer for his job.  She grew up in Oakville.  Her grandparents live in Eureka.

Seven months ago, she was discovered by Patrice Wilson, the same video director responsible for Rebecca Black’s, It’s Friday!  The new Patrice Wilson You Tube sensation stars Nicole and it’s and ode to Thanksgiving called. . .get ready. . . It’s Thanksgiving!!!!!

Yep.  Sensation.  It has already generated over five MILLION You Tube hits in less than a week and goes on sale on Itunes tomorrow!!!!

*****Warning:  Watching this video WILL lead you to have this ditty in your head THROUGH THE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY!!!!*****


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