The Most And Least Compatible Dating Matches For Careers

eHarmony just released the results of a study on which careers have the highest and lowest dating compatibility.

The Most Compatible Careers

#1.) Male banker and female teacher. (–This makes sense. He makes a bunch of money but has his soul crushed, she’s wildly underpaid but feels fulfilled. It’s the perfect balance.)

#2.) Unemployed male and female personal trainer.

#3.) Male banker and female doctor.

#4.) Male police officer or firefighter and female teacher.

The Least Compatible Careers

#1.) Retired male and female nurse. (–This also makes sense. The woman here probably feels like she’s nursing at work AND at home.)

#2.) Retired male and female secretary.

#3.) Male artist and female student.

#4.) Male doctor and female student.

The survey also found the pickiest males are engineers, analysts, lawyers, web developers, and bankers. The least picky are soldiers, retired men, students, and skilled tradesmen.

The pickiest females are marketers, business executives, analysts, lawyers, and teachers. The least picky are saleswomen, food service workers, students, and skilled tradeswomen.

(Daily Mail / Inquisitr / Glamour)

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