Schmig Schmackdown For Friday, August 31, 2012

Will Joel defeat Jen in entertainment trivia? Let’s find out.

Here are today’s questions and answers:

1) Lots of celebrity babies born in the past week – Snooki, Guiliana, and Anna Farris. Give us ONE baby name.
– Lorenzo (Snooki’s), Edward (Guiliana’s), Jack (Anna Farris’) (Both Joel and Jen answered correctly)

2) Another movie coming out this weekend with a girl being possessed. This one stars Kyra Sedgwick and is oddly called “The Possession”. The grandaddy of them all is “The Exorcist”. Linda Blair played the little girl. What was her name?
– Reagan (Joel “didn’t know”/Jen answered correctly)

3) “Dancing with the Stars” just announced the top vote getter for their final spot in the All Stars Edition. Who was it?
– Sabrina Bryan (Both Joel and Jen answered correctly)

4) Lots of people are talking about Matthew McConaughey’s severe weight loss for a movie that he’s shooting. Matt Damon lost 30 lbs for a role as a heroin addict in which film – “Courage Under Fire”, “In The Line of Fire”, or “Fire in the Sky”?
– “Courage Under Fire” (Both Joel and Jen answered correctly)

5) “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is crushing it in the ratings. Her dad on the show is called this. Here’s a hint, it’s the same name as a cereal mascot for “Super Golden Crisps”.
– Sugar Bear (Joel answered correctly/Jen said, “Dig ‘Em”)

It’s a tie! The victory goes to Jen, but the prizes go to Joel! Tune in next week at 7:40am for another round of the Schmig Schmackdown on Y98.

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