Shmig Schmackdown For Friday, August 17, 2012

Will Diana defeat Jen in entertainment trivia? Let’s find out.

Lots of talk this week about Miley Cyrus cutting off all her hair. We haven’t seen this much haircut talk since this Felicity actress chopped off her locks.
– Keri Russell (Both answered correctly)

Earlier this week Robert Pattinson did his first interview with Jon Stewart. What brand of ice cream did both Robert and Jon enjoy during the interview?
– Ben and Jerry’s (Both answered correctly)

Mayim Bialick aka Blossom was injured this week. She now stars on Bing Bang Theory and also guest starred in some commercials for Old Navy who are dipping in to TV nostalgia bringing back lots of old tv faves. Currently the cast of this show is starring in their commercials.
– Beverly Hills 90210 (Diana answered correctly/Jen said, “Saved By The Bell)

Sadly this week Ron Palillo, Horshak passed away. Earlier this year another sweathog left us, who was it? Character name please.
– Juan Epstein (played by Robert Hedges)(Diana had “no idea”/Jen answered correctly)

We were happy to hear Jennifer Aniston got engaged over the weekend to her boyfriend Justin Theroux. Interestingly, they could have met years ago because Justin had an opportunity to screen test for Friends and he turned it down. But more interesting, Justin starred on a few episodes of this show where talks about Jennifer Aniston picking the wrong guys. What was the sitcom?
– Parks and Recreation (Diana answered correctly, Jen said, “Boston Public”)

Diana beats Jen! Diana beats Jen! Congratulations!

Tune in next Friday to see if another contestant will “schmackdown” Jen on the “Schmig Schmackdown”!

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