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Jill Devine

Thanks to Comic-Con, I’m getting all kinds of Glee gossip!!!  I honestly thought Comic-Con was all about comics and I kind of thought it was nerdy, but I am slowly changing my mind.

Glee star Lea Michele (she plays Rachel Berry) was at Comic-Con and she revealed Season 4 details to Perez Hilton.

“I’m doing [a Barbra song] in episode one,” she told Perez.  “Well, it’s Barbra covering a popular song, I will tell you that. As far as Barbra’s songs are concerned, I really do feel like I’ve done my faves.”

So, how Rachel will cope at NYADA?  Lea said, “She’s gonna be alone when we first see her… I think it’s going to be really interesting seeing her in this place. She’s always been surrounded by her friends in an environment that she knows and now she’s by herself with people she doesn’t know in a school full of 800 other Rachel Berrys.  I think that’s going to be challenging for her. But I think she always works best when she has to fight her way to the top.”

Glee returns to FOX on Thursday, September 13 at 9 p.m.

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